Report from the darker, dirtier side #4

Posted by on December 5th,2009


Hello, Brass Goggler! It’s been a while, I’m afraid, but fear not, I’ll get you up to speed in no time.

The newest steampunk fanzine Exhibition Hall released its fourth issue earlier this week. The publication continues to cover recent events, reviews, even a bit of fashion now, and original fiction.

Both Dieselpunks and The Gatehouse have been focusing a lot on dieselpunk architecture lately. Click here for an overview of Tome’s “Art History” series at Dieselpunks and here for all posts about architecture at The Gatehouse.

Speaking of Dieselpunks they recently launched an online gift store for steampunk and dieselpunk enthusiasts. Buy books, DVDs, games, music and jewelry at Amazon via the store to support one of the greatest dieselpunk communities online!

Disney is currently working on something of a steampunk version of Mickey Mouse. According to The New York Times, “the introduction next year of a new video game, Epic Mickey,” will present the “formerly squeaky clean character” as “cantankerous and cunning, as well as heroic, as he traverses a forbidding wasteland.” For a taste of things to come have a dekko at those artworks that are allegedly concepts for the video game. Looks like good stuff, not?

For a fine collection of vintage Bohn advertisements by Arthur Radebaugh, Lord K has an album full of it. For more of the man’s postings, also visit the Dieselpunk blog.

More vintage is available on Dark Roasted Blend: enjoy their Fabulous Las Vegas page, full of photographs and advertisements from the earlier days of the town.

That’s all for today. See you next time!