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Looking for ideas
« on: February 25, 2007, 10:20:26 pm »
Greetings all. Just joined up for this site, and thought I would introduce myself, and ask for some guidance. I'm a blacksmith and a bronzecaster. Sadly I'm just starting out in my crafts and don't have my blacksmith shop set up yet, and at this time I'm only able to work on bronzecasting projects. I'm thinking of starting a line of bronze beltbuckles that are heavy with steampunk influence. The problem is I'm not sure where to start off. I'm very captivated by the steampunk aesthetic, but only recently have I been researching what goes into this aesthetic. I'm curious to find out what other steampunk enthusiasts would be looking for in beltbuckle designs. Any help would be much appreciated. Pictures will be posted of finished pieces, and all works will be available in limited runs if theres anyone interested in purchasing pieces that they've given input into. Thanks for any and all help thats given.
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