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Author Topic: Invasion literature  (Read 1530 times)
Snr. Officer
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Divine Wind

« on: March 25, 2007, 07:51:51 pm »

I've got Michael Moorcock's excellent England Invaded and just spotted his Before Armageddon: An Anthology of Victorian and Edwardian Imaginative Fiction Published Before 1914 and ordered it up. They are both cheap as chips secondhand and, while I haven't read the other one, I suspect you wouldn't be disappointed.

[edit: Adding Amazon links:

England Invaded:

Before Armageddon:

Just checking - seems I got the last cheap BA but EI is still available for 1p (+ P&P)]
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Steampunk Collective thread
The Grand Duchess
Snr. Officer
Patior Sed Supervivo

« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2007, 05:49:06 pm »

Great- I shall have to take a look.

A true alternative subculture is one that not only questions the social status quo but poses viable solutions to some of the perceived underlying problems. Difference from the norm is not the same as superiority to the mainstream unless it can be  argued that the difference is positing a better way.
Professor Cumulus Isobar
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Professional Rainmaker and Spiritualist

« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2007, 05:03:53 am »

I should mention that Alan Moore's second "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" graphic novel has the League fighting Wells' invaders from Mars.

From Booklist:

Of the half-dozen series acclaimed writer Moore created when he returned to mainstream comics in the late 1990s, the most impressive is the high-concept League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which posits that the fictional nineteenth-century figures Allan Quartermain (of Rider Haggard's She), Captain Nemo, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the Invisible Man, and Mina Harker (heroine of Dracula) banded together as a sort of Victorian superhero team. In the second collection of their exploits, they defend England from an invasion of Martians a la Wells' War of the Worlds. As befits a rousing adventure of their era, a traitor rears his ugly head, and a sinister figure reveals unexpected sentimentality; less traditional are some highly anachronistic violence and sex. This is Moore doing what he does best, freshly and imaginatively revitalizing moribund genres. He is aided in this case by O'Neill's angular, thin-line art, which evokes period book illustrations without copying them. Forget last summer's execrable League movie; in this case, the film wasn't just inferior to the book--it was an insult to it. Gordon Flagg
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"I'll be happy just as long as they don't label this one. There's been some dire talk of 'steampunk' but I don't think it's going to stick."
     --William Gibson, as quoted in a 1991 interview regarding his novel The Difference Engine.
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« Reply #3 on: April 13, 2007, 07:24:38 pm »

Edison's Conquest of Mars on Gutenburg Project.

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