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Author Topic: About the OBSCURE (O.O.C.)  (Read 2072 times)
Snr. Officer
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« on: March 21, 2007, 06:10:51 pm »

I present this reference for all who wish to incorporate elements of the OBSCURE in their role-playing.  Thus follows a list of Members of the OBSCURE, supplemented with statistics, and descriptions about its stronghold and materials.

Elders of the OBSCURE
  • Mr. IceSixxx
    Full name: Unknown
    Duties: Elder of the OBSCURE; Representative of the OBSCURE to the Neutral Council Chambers
  • Sir Fantômas
    Full name: I.Alexander Fantômas III
    Duties: Elder of the OBSCURE; Treasurer of Liberty; Captain of the Argonautica
  • Mr. Ottens
    Full name: Unknown
    Duties: Elder of the OBSCURE, Chairman of the High Council

Members of the OBSCURE
  • ProfDelphiniusTucker
    Full name: Delphinius Tucker
    Duties: Member of the OBSCURE; Doctor Professor
  • Miss Radio Saturday
    Full name: Unknown
    Duties: Member of the OBSCURE, OBSCURE Intelligencer

Sentry City

The OBSCURE has no official headquarters, nevertheless operates from a fixed installation that hoovers somewhere over a large "hole" in the Indian Ocean (exact location undisclosed).  This floating stronghold may be known as "Sentry City" to Members of the OBSCURE, but no specifics are known to outsiders.  The installation exists of a dome, the shape of a cap of a mushroom, and under it a vertical slab of stone.  The dome has four extensions, similar in shape yet significantly smaller, where aerial vessels are able to moor.  A central control chamber is located in the upper tower of which an illustration may be observed below.

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NEVER WAS MAGAZINE: Exploring a past that never was.
Snr. Officer
Spain Spain

« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2007, 01:56:18 am »


The OBSCURE is presently in the possession of three aerial craft: one, the Argonautica, is the personal vessel of Sir Fantômas; this craft is extremely versatile and rather small.  The other two craft are large airships of similar design, named Peril and Spectre.  Both operate under similar mechanics and both are equipped with similar weaponry and facilities.  Above deck rests the airship balloon, while underneath the craft hang three large spheres of which the function remains undisclosed.  An illustration of both airships may be observed below.

Bridge Deck (A) :  Crew/staff quarters, engineering, wheel house, cargo holds.

Shelter Deck (B) :  Suites for Members and Elders of the OBSCURE, Turkish bath.

Observation Deck (C) :  Passenger accommodations, observation area.

Promenade Deck (D) :  Dining room, library, lounges, Promenade (not displayed on chart).
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