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Author Topic: Notable Citizens of the Free Port of Salvage  (Read 1984 times)
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« on: March 17, 2007, 07:36:01 pm »

This is a list of MPCs (Meta-Player Characters) that one might encounter while visiting Salvage:

Name: Orson Freeman
Age: 37
Occupation: Dockmaster of Salvage
Short Bio: Orson Freeman started his career as a docking crane operator aboard the air city Aurea. Six years ago he emigrated to Salvage after a fatal rogue attack sent Aurea to a watery grave. He found work in Salvage as a senior customs agent and was promoted four years ago to Dockmaster after the previous occupant of the position passed away.
Short Description: Orson is short, heavy set, dour, officious, and callous. His temper is wild and his sense of humor morbid.

Name: Sterling Lawson
Age: 43
Occupation: Merchant District Chancellor
Short Bio: Sterling Lawson came to Salvage to avoid charges of treason resulting from a failed conspiracy to overthrow the reigning government of his home country.  A powerful banker in his former life, he earned the favor of Mayor Kral and was given the position of Chancellor of the Market District of Salvage.  From his comfy new offices, he directs the imports and exports of the city and collects the taxes on each. 
Short Description: Lanky, hunched over, and balding, Sterling presents the visage of death walking.  His frail stature is contrasted by the booming bass voice he uses to knock obedience into his department and dominate others.

Name: Cordelia Merritt
Age: 31
Occupation: Owner of Brass Nail Cantina
Short Bio: Cordelia has been a citizen of Salvage from its beginning, when her parents arrived and opened the Brass Nail Cantina under the bow struts of the airship docks.  With the passing of her parents (due to the outbreak of Debye’s Disease) she inherited the Cantina and adjoining lodging house.
Short Description: Cordelia is the model frontierswoman, her beauty fleeting early in life and replaced by sharp mind, rough hands, and rougher sense of humor.  She keeps her hair shorter than the current style smokes constantly. 

Name: Professor Erasmus Edson
Age: 55
Occupation: Operator of Starboard Yard #3
Short Bio: Erasmus used to be a master in the science aether manipulation until a failed experiment nearly had him sent to the gallows.  Ostracized by the scientific community, he found a peaceful retirement through an old business partner, Damek Kral.  Though Edson’s days of vanguard scientific glory have passed, he is able to continue his work aboard Salvage.  As custodian and operator of the #3 starboard salvage yard, he makes enough of a profit to fund his experiments.
Short Description: Erasmus presents a contradictory image.  His stately and educated mannerisms clothed in the greasy work jumper of a layman.  His advanced age and poor constitution requires him to use a walking cane and ever thinner spectacles, but he remains in good health otherwise.

Name: Odessa Coleman
Age: 29
Occupation: Scraper Second Foreman
Short Bio: Odessa lives in self-imprisonment aboard Salvage.  Once she was an officer aboard Her Majesty’s flagship, until it went down over the Papal Empire.  She survived the crash, but was severely injured and was forced to retire from the fleet.  Unable to accept her fate, she submitted herself to illegal vivisectional procedures to regain use of her limbs and body.  This also forced her to flee the country and she ended up in Salvage.  Her experience with supervision and her technical expertise allowed her to take a position as second foreman for the scraper arm “Titus”.  Her body modifications have continued and become more specialized to her work as time has continued.
Short Description: Odessa has a pleasant and joyful disposition despite her disfigurements and the dismalness of living in the bowels of Salvage.  Her arms and legs are tech replacements, as well as a portion of her internals.

Name: Oliver Panner
Age: 24
Occupation: Barnacle
Short Bio: Oliver Panner was never able to hold a steady job, nor marry well.  In desperation to better himself, he scrounged the money for passage to Salvage, hoping to sift his riches from the debris torn from the soil by Salvage’s mining rigs.  He now lives with the other ‘barnacles’, as they are called, in the makeshift encampment below Salvage.  Fast-welded scaffolding and rope bridges built into the wheel wells and onto the undercarriage, just out of reach of the mining arms, the shanty town shared by all ‘barnacles’ is jokingly called Gold Town.  Its a place where men and women flock to make a fortune, but seldom do.
Short Description: Oliver is strong and clever, but also lazy and overly confident in his destiny.  The rags that used to be his clothes are a patchwork of unskilled repairs and mismatched replacements.  While he spends most of his time sifting refuse in Gold Town, he is also regularly found in any of the number of putrid publican establishments in the lower districts of Salvage.

Name: Dr. Neelam Kharbana
Age: 36
Occupation: Salvage Agricultural Department Head
Short Bio: Dr. Kharbana’s family raised her in a life of privilege.  As the niece of the Raja, Sharda, she was able to attend university in the United States of Germany, where she received degrees in chemistry and botanical sciences.  Upon her return to India, she was betrothed to Raja of a nearby kingdom, against her wishes.  Before she could be sent to marry him though, the Colonial Wars swept through her uncle’s kingdom and he was dethroned.  The Raja and his court were sent into exile and Neelam was able to leave her family.  She found work aboard Salvage as the Head of the Agricultural Department, where she has been able to follow her pursuit of botanical knowledge.
Short Description: Neelam Kharbana is a short, slight woman.  Serious and Professional, her many hours in front of the microscope have left a permanent furrow in her brow.  Her hair is jet black, except at the temples where it is starting to grey.  She keeps it long, but pulled back into a tight ponytail.

Name: Patterson (first name not given)
Age: mid to late 30s
Occupation: Officer for Salvage Secret Police
Short Bio: __
Short Description: Patterson is unremarkable in all aspects.  His features are bland and make him look like he may have been the guy behind you at the bank the other day, or maybe not.
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