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Borchardt S94
« on: June 24, 2022, 05:51:25 am »
I'm working on a project to write a 'Space Catalog' of arms and equipment for a VSF/pulp space setting. The style aims to be similar to a late 1800s Sears and Roebuck catalog. Comments and thoughts welcome!

Borchardt S94

The Finest Pistol On any Planet or major planetary body. Designed for the rough and tumble of Space’s more lawless quarters, this superb piece is small but packs a punch. Its repeating action can spit out rounds at a blistering speed or you can fire single shots with deadly accuracy.
Designed by the incomparable Hugo Borchardt, inventor of the revolutionary Borchardt C-93, this pistol is manufactured in the Ludwig Loewe, Rutka, & Company factory on Venus using the latest babbage-controlled machines. With a classic combination of Venusian precision and Tellurian production, this is the first gun to compress an automatic self-firing action into a handheld frame. 
Solidly built. The frame is made from solid drop steel. The barrel is made from the highest-grade Earth steel machined with precision Naxlii techniques and welded to an aluminum-copper radiator. All jointing is quadruple for additional strength. All this in less than a kilo!
Easy to maintain. High-profile frame screws make it easy to disassemble and assemble. It uses standard 7.6×10mm ammunition, readily procured at any orbital depot.
Elegant styling. The S94 isn’t just a dull hunk of metal that shoots bullets. Attention has been paid to every aspect of its appearance. The handgrip is CAB lacquered red silk with iron shavings, embossed in copper over Venusian pearl inlay. Its appearance can be customized by any accomplished gunsmith.