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making an outfit with limited resources
« on: June 09, 2022, 10:54:05 pm »
Title slightly decieving, my appologies. Please allow me to explain the situation.

due to circumstances I won't get into here, I found myself in the Netherlands for 2 months with very limited luggage. that is to say, my belongings for this time frame fit in a rucksack. Unsurprisingly none of what is in said rucksack is a steampunk outfit.
But I found out there is a festival (castlefest) during my stay here and nothing is stopping me from going there...yet if I am going I kind of want to have an outfit of sorts. So perhaps you good folk have ideas! I do have dress shoes, some black jeans and a black collared shirt, that maybe can work as a base, But I will not be able to modify them as they are just my regular clothing as well. I also have a top hat I inherited, which I can wear but as it's an antique and also emotionally charged, needs to be worn with care.
I do have access to a goldsmith's atelier, though, so I can work with metals as much as I desire (though my skill is limited), and I would be able to buy some basic things here and there.

Anyways. Feel free to toss me an idea or two
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Re: making an outfit with limited resources
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2022, 08:20:28 am »
Does the shirt have buttons down the front or a pocket? If so, can you add metal ornaments to them?
Could you find a cheap scarf and tie it around the hat or your neck with things attached to it? Do you have a spare belt to wear externally or from shoulder to waist?

I seem to recall you have been going well with your linguistic studies. Perhaps you could write something interesting on a couple of small pieces of paper, roll them up and then attach them to your belt with cotton or string or ribbon.

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Re: making an outfit with limited resources
« Reply #2 on: June 12, 2022, 12:14:18 am »
Easy challenge. Think Old Western fashion. The jeans are already Western and Victorian Era by definition. If able to get a second hand waistcoat, hopefully in brown or grey to contrast the monochrome clothing, that goes well with the jeans and collared shirt (is it a "button-down" shirt?). Top hat is fine. It was also worn in the Wild West. An alternative would be a Spanish, Andalusian hat aka Argentine Bolero hat, always very sexy, regardless of the wearer's gender, with a flat wide brim, or an even an American styled Stetson hat if you can find one, but that depends on your budget and what you could find. Remember Wild West cowboy paraphernalia is tied to Mexican cowboy fashion and by consequence to Spanish horse riding fashion.

PS. In the American Southwest it's not unusual to decorate the hat with belts, scarves and such.

Also, not Victorian, it's strictly Western 1940s, but try making a bolo tie if you have some basic metal skills. Basically it's just a long leather strip or a shoelace tied with some decorative buckle, like a cabochon or a stone of some sort., or even if you don't want to work metal, it shouldn't be much of a challenge to get super glue and some clip to attach to the stone/cabochon. Kudos if you can get your hands on some silver item for the cabochon and even a turquoise stone to mount on it (Fimo/Sculpey can make fake stones as well)

Often in the American Southwest you will see silver and turquoise being used for adornment of western apparel. Turquoise had a sacred meaning among natives in North America, the stone being associated with spirit communication, healing, strength and good fortune.

Possible Accessories:

Scarf. An alternative to the shoelace tied with the cabochon, is a scarf, also necessary to keep oneself from breathing dust in the desert

Rope/lazo or whip coiled and attached to your belt.

Belt: cowboys are always flashy with their belts and buckles. Often leather belts have carved motifs and buckles are large, also with silver and turquoise stones in the American Southwest. Women's belts found in shops might be useful.

Spurs. Worn by Andalusian, Mexican, Argentine Gauchos and American Cowboys. Many different types (see Wiki). Basic item for the horse rider.
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