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Official Social Media Information
« on: February 11, 2022, 12:07:41 am »
There are a large number of social media pages/accounts that either appear to be associated with Brass Goggles, or that are run by members unofficially.

Our official position is that people doing cool stuff to promote the forum is wonderful, so long as they make clear that their efforts are unofficial/unsanctioned/etc.  We also ask that you avoid layouts, color sets, and imagery that could confuse people into thinking that your site/social media page/etc. is part of the Brass Goggles site. If you're not sure, mail the administrator and ask.

At present, there is one official Social Media outlet for Brass Goggles:
  • @vonCorax — the official Twitter account of Brass Goggles' Senior Administrator, Darwin P. von Corax

There is also our backup or "lifeboat" forum:
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