Author Topic: Looking for Digital Video Aelita Queen of Mars HD or 4K Original Aspect Ratio  (Read 348 times)


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You would think that a decent copy of a public domain film could be found, but every version I'm finding online has problems. Most are from old NTSC or SECAM video sources, which have in the neighborhood of 500 or 600 vertical scanlines and I'm looking for better. I found an HD format video on Youtube, but some idiot cropped off the top and bottom to give it a wide screen aspect ratio, so those portions of the beautiful sets can't be seen.

Can anyone suggest a source? I need editable video for a small project. I can't pay.


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Are you talking about the Soviet film of 1924?

I took it seems here https:// /film/Drama/aelita.htm
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I don't think it's been released in either HD nor 4K.

The Russian DVD is however in 4:3.
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