Author Topic: New Bifocals: Looking for help adjusting  (Read 355 times)


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New Bifocals: Looking for help adjusting
« on: December 12, 2021, 05:41:41 am »
Short of it is this is my first pair and... wierd enough the distance part? Nothing really pops out as massively improved, yet at the same time my eyes feel BETTER. Probably a case of just no real improvement possible for detail, but not needing all the continual refocusing helping.

it's the bifocal part that trips me up. day to day tasks, I barely even notice it. No real inconvenience. it's trying to angle properly to read through that portion just plain feels unnatural and Off to me, but enlarging the bifocal portion of the lense would get in the way of my natural line of sight.

If I have the right of it, I can swap these out as they are the first pair of bifocals. That of course would mean constant swapping between regular glasses and readers and... it's only been a day. Barely any time at all for the headaches to stop much less properly adjust. declaring it a failed experiment now feels premature.

Any advice?
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