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Author Topic: Gemeni: A web protocol alternative to HTTP/S  (Read 378 times)
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« on: June 17, 2021, 06:36:51 pm »

Sorta bills itself as something between Gopher and HTML:
Limited nature of Gopher (inline links only,) with some features of markdown (in fact writing pages for it is a VERY stripped down form of markdown.) Protocol has baked in TLS 1.2 minamum as a requirement. ZERO client side scripting, but there are interesting things that can be done with server side java such as simple tamagachi like 'pet' sites, simple games, and ther'es even a social media platform (Station) that uses TLS cert for login credentials and serverside scripting.

I happen to like it for being text first, and can run on pretty much anything from the past thirty years. I'm not going to post links to my site since that could come across as this being an advertisement post, but I'm on both because free (and I'm broke) and it mirrors/has an internal proxy so that any user content also goes to an HTML page for those that don't gemini. I've dumped my older writings on there (both fiction and non) that I want preserved, and it kinda does for web building what NaNoWriMo does for writing, 'stop with the nonesnese bells and whistles and make the content.'

It's not perfect, mind you. Some could argue it's TOO minimalist, and naturally it won't 'replace' the normal web. Solderpunk (the protocol creator/head wonk) himself has stated that's not the goal. One could argue 'this is Gopher 2.0' or 'This is what Gopher should have been to begin with' andm ake a pretty convincing argument since it leans more towards Gopher than HTML, and that's OK.

I just figure... worth sharing with you guys. If nothing else I find it interesting and am trying to use it as a way to get back on the horse (again.)

Oh! Before I dump links to videos and information: Gemini has this neat thing where you can tell the client that 'this block of text is preformatted do not touch' for ascii art, code, or the like and in the front tag before text starts you can add alt text for mouseover or screen reader purposes. Also there are no font or color options for site creation, all that is up to the clients to figure out which again makes it nice for vision imparements as I personally like dark background with light text on the alrgish side. Someone else might like small text with sepia background and dark text. And the text (unless taggeda s pre formatted) reflows to fit window or screen size regardless of divice. Makesi t a great thing for mobile browsing.

Pity the google equivalents right now are kinda garbage.
For some reason it shows up light green background with white text.  Maybe that's a rendering bug on my end, If not my apologies. I rarely visit the site itself on html.
Wiki page.

I would link to the DistroTube video on the subject, but.... to be perfectly honest? As much as i like how informative DT can be. Every so often he says something that I just plain think is either intentionally inflammatory, r at best distracting.

Kinda surprised Bryan Lunduke hasn't had anything ot say on the matter.

Cheapie Theatre - Web Proxy for my Gemini Site
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