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Author Topic: 1908 De Dion Bouton  (Read 446 times)
Sir Henry
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« on: June 11, 2020, 07:36:23 pm »

My daughter is learning to ride a bicycle.

She asked me if I remembered learning and it took me back to 1965 and my father was holding the back of my bike to steady it as i rode around the garage. We lived on a farm and the garage was a quadruple one with four sliding doors. Doors 1 and 3 were open and I was riding round in circles, in through door 1 and out again through door 3. I still remember the moment I caught up with my dad who was standing outside, and I realised that I had gone round half of the circle without him balancing me.  Grin

But that made me poke around in my memory for what was behind the fourth door...
And the phrase "De Dion Bouton" came back to me. Half an hour of Googling and I found it - a gorgeous 1908 carriage that belonged to the farmer we rented the house from. I remembered wondering how such an old car could have so many big glass windows unbroken, and why the driver was totally separated from the passengers by a wall and glass windows, and how the upholstery was posher than any of ours in the house, and what the levers on the steering wheel did, and so much more...

Oddly almost all of the Google links were to the sale of one particular machine in an auction in 2018, like this one which describes it for French readers (with English starting half way down):

But the pictures of the driver's compartment (in the gallery at the bottom of the page) say to me 'Well of course you got into steampunk in later life..."

I didn't remember the headlights being quite so cartoonishly huge, but then one of the descriptions mentioned that they had been added to replace the original, smaller ones.

A gorgeous beast. If only I could smell it again; it smelled of things that my seven-year-old self had never smelled, so it would be interesting to see if they were recognisable now.

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