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Author Topic: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen inspired story ideas.  (Read 1184 times)
Zeppelin Admiral
United States United States

« on: April 11, 2020, 08:48:28 am »

So I've been playing around on my youtube live videos with taking existing work, breaking them down and making new ideas from them. Talked about Superman, The Crow, Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, and how to create new things inspired by those idea. Then a regular viewer in the live chat suggested League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. So here's the two ideas I came up with to play with further (feel free to make your own versions of these, and let me know about it, I'd love to hear about it and can share it in a video if you want)

Idea 1

Edward Prendick, in near-solitude in the countryside tells his story on his deathbed to a rare guest, an man talking with extraordinary people around the world in this time of advancement of steampunk technological development and the changing world. His name is The Comte de Saint Germain alive and healthy thanks to the elixir of life that he has learned to create through his mastery of the alchemical arts. Hearing of Prendicks account of Dr. Moreau's island, The Count sets out to find the poor creatures left there on the island. Using his skills on those few remaining to heal and revive them, He brings a small group of the Chimeras to the human world, to give them another chance and to bring them into a culture that they can learn and adapt to. The Chimeras look nearly completely human, sometimes only having a few feature that mark them as different, but with the Talents of their former animal forms. They are students of The Counts school for Extraordinary students, learning about our world, while sometimes protecting and saving the people who might fear and hate them if they were to know who and what they truely are. (if League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was JLA only victorian, than these are X-men only in a steampunk world)

idea 2

Doc Savage assembles some of the worlds most gifted Pulp Heroes to protect the world from conspiracies and secret dangers: Invisible Scarlet O'neil, The Ghost, Dick Tracy, The shadow, The Avenger, Vera Ray.
DieselPunk, Avengers, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. 'Doc' and his gang are like Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos/shield.

When an explosion explodes hard enough, the dust wakes up and thinks about itself.
Zeppelin Admiral
United States United States

« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2020, 11:56:36 pm »

it's not steampunk realated but I've also generated ideas for Teenage Mutant Ninja(hero) Turtles, that resulted in Raven Sisters Detective Agency.

Jurrasic Park turned into a cyberpunk setting with VR that lets somebody safari through territory of mythical monsters with AI, and the AI uses magic that controls code to upload themselves into the 'players' and download the players into VR, and the attempt to escape VR and stop the monsters from freeing more of them into the world.

and last nights was reimagining Buffy the vampire slayer TV series. Reimagined as a girl who stumbles on a cult ritual to bind a demoness to serve the will of the cult and ends up having the demon bound to her and using that binding to fight demons summoned by the cult.

not sure which way I'm going tonight.
Rogue Ætherlord
Canada Canada

Student in Techno-Shamanism and Lyncanthrope

« Reply #2 on: June 13, 2020, 11:24:21 pm »

One Music Related Idea Of My Own:

Steam Powered Giraffe's gimmick stretch to his logical extreme: Ai generated lyrics and melodies sung by a text to song program a la vocaloid.

The word pagan came from paganus , who mean peasant . Its was a way to significate than christianism was the religion of the elite and paganism the one of the savage worker class.

''Trickster shows us how we trick OURSELVES. Her rampant curiosity backfires, but, then, something NEW is discovered (though usually not what She expected)! This is where creativity comes from—experiment, do something different, maybe even something forbidden, and voila! A breakthrough occurs! Ha! Ha! We are released! The world is created anew! Do something backwards, break your own traditions, the barrier breaks; destroy the world as you know it, let the new in.''
Extract of the Dreamflesh article ''Path of The Sacred Clown''
Zeppelin Admiral
Australia Australia

All ideas should have wings

« Reply #3 on: June 14, 2020, 02:08:20 pm »

You might like the concept used by Bungo Stray Dogs - a modern Japanese manga/anime series based on individuals whose super power is "based" on famous literature authors and their characters (the heroes are a "detective agency").

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The connections are a little vague sometimes and not all the literature is English (or novels).


Sorontar, Captain of 'The Aethereal Dancer'
Advisor to HM Engineers on matters aethereal, aeronautic and cosmographic
Prof Marvel
Zeppelin Captain
Western Sahara Western Sahara

too depressed for words

« Reply #4 on: June 17, 2020, 11:56:06 pm »

I kept trying to enjoy the "Extraordinary Gentlemen" movie - it had so many things going for it ...
but it seems that the writers and director just failed...

they lost me very early on when they chose a completely fictional long double barrel rifle for Allen Quartermain -
The Double Rifle is invariably a short barrelled, massive caliber weapon designed for 2 quick shots on huge animals that are
trying to kill you up close. Due to the nature of two side-by-side barrels, it is NOT an accurate long-range rifle. The barrels MUST be carefully adjusted to hit close to the same point of aim typicallly at 50 yards, and the bullets' paths "cross" and diverge beyond that distance.

IF they wanted an accurate long rate rifle they should have chosen one of the large bore bolt actions of the era
(there were many to choose from by 1890) OR one of the well known single shot rifles such as the Sharps or the Martini-Henry,
both of which were winning 1000 yard Wimbledon matches for years prior.

there was the possibility for so much dramatic intensity beteen the characters, and they "tried" but did not pull it off...

then I am afraid I feel that  the "Tom Sawyer" character was actually pathetic.

good luck on making your game better than the film!

prof marvel

The world is in Hell and I am too depressed for words
Zeppelin Captain

« Reply #5 on: June 18, 2020, 05:16:34 am »

It was a very disappointing film of an excellent comic book.
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