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Author Topic: Curiouser And Curiouser  (Read 681 times)
Rogue Ætherlord
Canada Canada

Student in Techno-Shamanism and Lyncanthrope

« on: April 01, 2019, 09:41:56 pm »

Flail Spoor
Flails Poor
Frail Sloop
Frail Polos
Frail Pools
Frail Spool
Frail Loops
Flair Sloop
Flair Polos
Flair Pools
Flair Spool
Flair Loops
Flairs Polo
Flairs Loop
Flairs Pool
Floral Pois
Flora Spoil
Sailor Flop
Pail Floors
Spiral Fool
Pails Floor
Polar Foils
A Fill Spoor
A Frill Oops
A Fills Poor
A Floor Lips
A Floor Slip
A Floor Lisp
A Floors Lip
A Flop Loris
A Flop Roils
A Flops Roil
A Poof Rills
A Proof Ills
A Proof Sill
A Proofs Ill
A Spoof Rill
A Poofs Rill
A Roof Pills
A Roof Spill
A Roofs Pill
Fa Ill Spoor
Fa Rill Oops
Fa Ills Poor
Fa Sill Poor
Fa Roil Lops
Fa Roil Slop
Fa Roil Pols
Fa Loris Lop
Fa Loris Pol
Fa Roils Lop
Fa Roils Pol
Fa Poi Rolls
Fa Pois Roll
Fail Lo Pros
Fail Lops Or
Fail Slop Or
Fail Pols Or
Fail Sol Pro
Flail Pro So
Flail Ops Or
Flail Sop Or
Flails Op Or
Pilaf Sol Or
Pilafs Lo Or
Frail Lo Ops
Frail Lo Sop
Frail Lop So
Frail Pol So
Frail Sol Op
Flair Lo Ops
Flair Lo Sop
Flair Lop So
Flair Pol So
Flair Sol Op
Flairs Lo Op
Fails Lo Pro
Fails Lop Or
Fails Pol Or
Fair Poll So
Fair Lo Lops
Fair Lo Slop
Fair Lo Pols
Fair Lop Sol
Fair Pol Sol
Fairs Lo Lop
Fairs Lo Pol
Fall I Spoor
Fall Pois Or
Fall Is Poor
Floral I Ops
Floral I Sop
Floral Pi So
Floral Is Op
Falls I Poor
Falls Poi Or
Foal Lips Or
Foal Slip Or
Foal Lisp Or
Foal Rip Sol
Foal Rips Lo
Foal Sri Lop
Foal Sri Pol
Foal Sir Lop
Foal Sir Pol
Loaf Lips Or
Loaf Slip Or
Loaf Lisp Or
Loaf Rip Sol
Loaf Rips Lo
Loaf Sri Lop
Loaf Sri Pol
Loaf Sir Lop
Loaf Sir Pol
Flora I Lops
Flora I Slop
Flora I Pols
Flora Lip So
Flora Pi Sol
Flora Pis Lo
Flora Sip Lo
Flora Psi Lo
Flora Is Lop
Flora Is Pol
Floras I Lop
Floras I Pol
Floras Pi Lo
Foals Lip Or
Foals Rip Lo
Loafs Lip Or
Loafs Rip Lo
Flap Roil So
Flap Oils Or
Flap Soli Or
Flap Soil Or
Flap Silo Or
Flaps Oil Or
Oaf Ill Pros
Oaf Pills Or
Oaf Spill Or
Oaf Rill Ops
Oaf Rill Sop
Oaf Rills Op
Oaf Ills Pro
Oaf Sill Pro
Oaf Pi Rolls
Oaf Pis Roll
Oaf Sip Roll
Oaf Psi Roll
Oaf Sri Poll
Oaf Sir Poll
Fora I Polls
Fora Ill Ops
Fora Ill Sop
Fora Pill So
Fora Ills Op
Fora Sill Op
Fora Lip Sol
Fora Lips Lo
Fora Slip Lo
Fora Lisp Lo
Fora Is Poll
Faro I Polls
Faro Ill Ops
Faro Ill Sop
Faro Pill So
Faro Ills Op
Faro Sill Op
Faro Lip Sol
Faro Lips Lo
Faro Slip Lo
Faro Lisp Lo
Faro Is Poll
Faros I Poll
Faros Ill Op
Faros Lip Lo
Oafs Ill Pro
Oafs Pill Or
Oafs Rill Op
Oafs Pi Roll
Sofa Ill Pro
Sofa Pill Or
Sofa Rill Op
Sofa Pi Roll
Faso Ill Pro
Faso Pill Or
Faso Rill Op
Faso Pi Roll
Far Ill Oops
Far Oil Lops
Far Oil Slop
Far Oil Pols
Far Spoil Lo
Far Oils Lop
Far Oils Pol
Far Soli Lop
Far Soli Pol
Far Soil Lop
Far Soil Pol
Far Silo Lop
Far Silo Pol
Far Lip Solo
Fas Ill Poor
Fas Roil Lop
Fas Roil Pol
Fas Poi Roll
Ail Flops Or
Ail Prof Sol
Ail Profs Lo
Ail For Lops
Ail For Slop
Ail For Pols
Ail Fro Lops
Ail Fro Slop
Ail Fro Pols
Pillar Of So
Pail For Sol
Pail Fro Sol
April Of Sol
Spiral Of Lo
Pails For Lo
Pails Fro Lo
Lira Flop So
Lira Of Lops
Lira Of Slop
Lira Of Pols
Lira Fop Sol
Lira Fops Lo
Rial Flop So
Rial Of Lops
Rial Of Slop
Rial Of Pols
Rial Fop Sol
Rial Fops Lo
Lair Flop So
Lair Of Lops
Lair Of Slop
Lair Of Pols
Lair Fop Sol
Lair Fops Lo
Rail Flop So
Rail Of Lops
Rail Of Slop
Rail Of Pols
Rail Fop Sol
Rail Fops Lo
Liar Flop So
Liar Of Lops
Liar Of Slop
Liar Of Pols
Liar Fop Sol
Liar Fops Lo
Liras Of Lop
Liras Of Pol
Liras Fop Lo
Liars Of Lop
Liars Of Pol
Liars Fop Lo
Rails Of Lop
Rails Of Pol
Rails Fop Lo
Lairs Of Lop
Lairs Of Pol
Lairs Fop Lo
Rials Of Lop
Rials Of Pol
Rials Fop Lo
Sail Flop Or
Sail Prof Lo
Sail For Lop
Sail For Pol
Sail Fro Lop
Sail Fro Pol
Ails Flop Or
Ails Prof Lo
Ails For Lop
Ails For Pol
Ails Fro Lop
Ails Fro Pol
Air Flop Sol
Air Flops Lo
Air Of Polls
Sari Flop Lo
Sari Of Poll
Airs Flop Lo
Airs Of Poll
La Foil Pros
La Foils Pro
La Fir Sloop
La Fir Polos
La Fir Pools
La Fir Spool
La Fir Loops
La Firs Polo
La Firs Loop
La Firs Pool
La Fool Rips
La Floor Pis
La Floor Sip
La Floor Psi
La Floors Pi
La Fools Rip
La Roof Lips
La Roof Slip
La Roof Lisp
La Roofs Lip
La Fop Loris
La Fop Roils
La Prof Oils
La Prof Soli
La Prof Soil
La Prof Silo
La Profs Oil
La Fops Roil
La For Spoil
La Fro Spoil
All If Spoor
All Fir Oops
All Ifs Poor
All Poof Sri
All Poof Sir
All Proof Is
All Proofs I
All Roof Pis
All Roof Sip
All Roof Psi
All Roofs Pi
All For Pois
All Fro Pois
Pallor If So
Pallor Of Is
Pallors Of I
Pall Roof Is
Pall Roofs I
Palls Roof I
Alls If Poor
Alls Proof I
Alls Roof Pi
Alls For Poi
Alls Fro Poi
Opal Fir Sol
Opal Firs Lo
Polar If Sol
Polar Ifs Lo
Opals Fir Lo
Oral If Lops
Oral If Slop
Oral If Pols
Oral Flip So
Oral Ifs Lop
Oral Ifs Pol
Oral Flop Is
Oral Flops I
Oral Of Lips
Oral Of Slip
Oral Of Lisp
Orals If Lop
Orals If Pol
Orals Flop I
Orals Of Lip
Solar If Lop
Solar If Pol
Solar Flop I
Solar Of Lip
Also Flip Or
Also Fir Lop
Also Fir Pol
Also For Lip
Also Fro Lip
Laos Flip Or
Laos Fir Lop
Laos Fir Pol
Laos For Lip
Laos Fro Lip
Lap Foils Or
Lap Fir Solo
Lap Fool Sri
Lap Fool Sir
Lap Floor Is
Lap Floors I
Lap Of Loris
Lap Of Roils
Lap For Oils
Lap For Soli
Lap For Soil
Lap For Silo
Lap Fro Oils
Lap Fro Soli
Lap Fro Soil
Lap Fro Silo
Pal Foils Or
Pal Fir Solo
Pal Fool Sri
Pal Fool Sir
Pal Floor Is
Pal Floors I
Pal Of Loris
Pal Of Roils
Pal For Oils
Pal For Soli
Pal For Soil
Pal For Silo
Pal Fro Oils
Pal Fro Soli
Pal Fro Soil
Pal Fro Silo
Alp Foils Or
Alp Fir Solo
Alp Fool Sri
Alp Fool Sir
Alp Floor Is
Alp Floors I
Alp Of Loris
Alp Of Roils
Alp For Oils
Alp For Soli
Alp For Soil
Alp For Silo
Alp Fro Oils
Alp Fro Soli
Alp Fro Soil
Alp Fro Silo
Alps Foil Or
Alps Floor I
Alps Of Roil
Alps For Oil
Alps Fro Oil
Laps Foil Or
Laps Floor I
Laps Of Roil
Laps For Oil
Laps Fro Oil
Slap Foil Or
Slap Floor I
Slap Of Roil
Slap For Oil
Slap Fro Oil
Pals Foil Or
Pals Floor I
Pals Of Roil
Pals For Oil
Pals Fro Oil
Las Foil Pro
Las Fir Polo
Las Fir Loop
Las Fir Pool
Las Fool Rip
Las Floor Pi
Las Roof Lip
Las Fop Roil
Las Prof Oil
Soap If Roll
Soap Fill Or
Soap Of Rill
Soap For Ill
Soap Fro Ill
Oar If Polls
Oar Fill Ops
Oar Fill Sop
Oar Fills Op
Oar Flip Sol
Oar Flips Lo
Oar Ifs Poll
Oar Of Pills
Oar Of Spill
Oar Fop Ills
Oar Fop Sill
Oar Fops Ill
Oars If Poll
Oars Fill Op
Oars Flip Lo
Oars Of Pill
Oars Fop Ill
Soar If Poll
Soar Fill Op
Soar Flip Lo
Soar Of Pill
Soar Fop Ill
Sao Fill Pro
Sao Frill Op
Sao Fir Poll
Sao Fop Rill
Sao Prof Ill
Sao For Pill
Sao Fro Pill
Pa Roof Ills
Pa Roof Sill
Pa Roofs Ill
Par Foil Sol
Par Foils Lo
Rap Foil Sol
Rap Foils Lo
Spar Foil Lo
Raps Foil Lo
Pars Foil Lo
Rasp Foil Lo
Pas Roof Ill
Asp Roof Ill
Spa Roof Ill
April Fools

« Last Edit: April 01, 2019, 09:44:18 pm by chicar » Logged

The word pagan came from paganus , who mean peasant . Its was a way to significate than christianism was the religion of the elite and paganism the one of the savage worker class.

''Trickster shows us how we trick OURSELVES. Her rampant curiosity backfires, but, then, something NEW is discovered (though usually not what She expected)! This is where creativity comes from—experiment, do something different, maybe even something forbidden, and voila! A breakthrough occurs! Ha! Ha! We are released! The world is created anew! Do something backwards, break your own traditions, the barrier breaks; destroy the world as you know it, let the new in.''
Extract of the Dreamflesh article ''Path of The Sacred Clown''
Hurricane Annie
Zeppelin Captain
New Zealand New Zealand

« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2019, 09:59:09 am »

 You are in fine fettle
Zeppelin Captain
United Kingdom United Kingdom

« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2019, 07:27:37 pm »


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