Author Topic: Crofton Steampunk weekend. Professor Elemental & Alices Night Circus July 2019  (Read 1763 times)


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Hi Everyone

Crofton Steampunk weekend in Wiltshire July 27th and 28th. 2019.

Not many Steampunk events where you can walk around inside a real steam engine while it is running. Swamped in real steam.

Crofton is a 200 year old fully working massive steam engine that pumps water from a lake back up into the Canal. The inside of the building is like something straight out of a Jules Verne novel. Remember to wear your brass goggles to the keep the steam out of your eyes .... for REAL !

Organised in conjunction with Steamhenge Steampunk group from Salisbury.

We have Alice's Night Circus and Professor Elemental performing live on the stage.  Tea Pot racing, NERF gun dueling and so much more.

Please pass the link on to as many people as possible.

Fairley B. Strange

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Made it Sunday.
Had a ball, a smaller but really community event with the singalong performance.
Thanks very much.

Amateur pics:
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