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Author Topic: Princess Alice disaster: The Thames' 650 forgotten dead  (Read 970 times)
Mercury Wells
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« on: September 05, 2018, 12:21:28 am »

Princess Alice disaster: The Thames' 650 forgotten dead

The Princess Alice sank in the River Thames on 3 September 1878, killing hundreds of ordinary Londoners returning home from a day trip to the seaside. The tragedy, now largely forgotten, dominated newspaper headlines and led to changes to the shipping industry.

A boatman hooks another body out of the foul-smelling Thames, a grisly prize that will earn him five shillings.

A few days before, the Princess Alice had been smashed in two as it returned to London packed with men, women and children who had been on a trip to Kent.

About 650 lives were lost and for weeks bodies decayed in the polluted water or washed up on the riverbank.
(c) Alice Evans/BBC '18.
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« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2018, 03:57:32 pm »

This brings to mind the SS Eastland disaster on the Chicago River in 1915. The ship, which had previously undergone repairs to fix a listing problem, and recently been retrofitted with life boats as required by new post-Titanic safety regulations. On July 24 the boat capsized and 844 were killed.

Divers were hired to search the river for bodies, an effort that continued into the fall, and in November, a diver named William “Frenchy” Deneau found something else; a a small submarine that appeared to have been on the river bottom for years. The origin of the submarine was never discovered. The submarine, which contained the bones of a man and a dog, was christened "The Foolkiller" and exhibited as a curiosity for paying viewers. It had a brief tour of the upper midwest, and seems to have vanished within a few years, as there are no news stories or documentation after a few brief years after its discovery.
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