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Author Topic: Steam Whistle Alley on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and Paperback.  (Read 1316 times)
Joshua Mason

United States United States

« on: July 20, 2018, 11:11:01 pm »

Steam Whistle Alley: An Adventure in Augmented Reality

My debut novel is now available on Kindle, KU and Paperback. Think Mortal Engines meets Ready Player One. The reviews have been pretty darn good so far... the only naysayer was someone who just didn't appreciate steampunk, in his words. Give it a shot for some fun summer reading. US -  UK -

Jacob knows video games. He’s played everything from first-generation classics to full-immersion VR masterpieces. So when offered a set of steampunk goggles and a chance to test the latest advanced augmented reality game, he jumps at the opportunity.

…And before his eyes, the Seattle Jacob knows is transformed. Exquisite monuments of Victorian architecture have replaced the skyscrapers while airships drift between them. Clockwork werewolves and steam-powered murder bunnies hide in the shadows of the streets he’s walked all his life.

But with this game comes a quest. Jacob, his biosynthetic monkey Banjo, and the rest of the party must face more than just the enemies the game throws at him. The race is on for the ultimate prize – the deed to Steam Whistle Alley, the social and financial heart of the game. Other players will stop at nothing to claim the deed for themselves, but there are those who aren’t playing games. They don’t want the deed – they want the company, and the death they bring is not the kind Jacob can respawn from.


"In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded." - Sir Terry Pratchett
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US link -
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