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Author Topic: Our Friends in Texas  (Read 977 times)
Zeppelin Admiral
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« on: August 28, 2017, 12:49:19 am »

Hope that all our Texas friends have survived Hurricane Harvey life & limb intact, and have a safe environment in which to recover.
J. Wilhelm
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« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2017, 06:59:15 am »

Hope that all our Texas friends have survived Hurricane Harvey life & limb intact, and have a safe environment in which to recover.

All OK here. After Houston, Austin has not -as of yet - suffered as much. We did have some dangerous downpours on Saturday night, but by Sunday morning Harvey had shifted due East as the epicentre danced around a bit. Still not out of the woods yet. Rain keeps coming.

Most of the danger will shift now to certain overflowing of most rivers and creeks along the Central-East portions of Texas. Houston and the La Grange area (see map), so far have suffered the worst flooding, but it's not over yet as rain will continue past Wednesday. Ground is saturated with water and the only way all that water can go is to rivers and creeks. Flooding is the number 1 danger now.

Getting to work has been a challenge so far. Arriving sopping wet to work, with high winds and rain drops that sting when they hit your face, the umbrella is a joke and bound to be utterly destroyed at any second. The rubber poncho will only save your shirt and nothing else, as jeans will get 100% soaked in water and pour water down your legs into the rubber boots. Wearing glasses is a liability. I'll be trying a "Hakama" type skirt/long kilt I made from a 5ft x 7 ft  blue tarp, an old belt and Velcro tomorrow, after I got inspired by my kilt (I knew where to place the straps). The poncho will go on top of the Hakama and my backpack. I wear a T-shirt - no long sleeves, because it's pointless.


Rogue Ætherlord
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« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2017, 02:21:02 am »

Reposted from my "Another Banjo" thread:

I'm OK - but there are Thousands, especially in Uptown, Midtown and downtown of Houston Proper (I live in Jersey Village, an independent Greater Houston Area incorporated city on slightly higher ground to the northwest of Downtown Houston, and by and large, most of our citizens and real estate are OK, if somewhat cut off from ground travel to the rest of the world for the nonce), not to mention those downstream from Downtown Houston, who are in a bad way. The convention Center downtown is a mass shelter for thousands on thousands of evacuees, refugees, etc. Thousands of people have had to be rescued by boat, helicopter, and high water ground vehicles...

And the rain that fell North of here is just now coming down the various waterways, having been released from overstressed dams upstream. Bay City had to be evacuated to get people out before the water there could rise the projected 10 feet in their downtown area that would occur after the opening of the Addicks and Barker flood control dams, in order to keep said dams from giving way and completely flooding and undermining Downtown Houston and it's adjacent Medical Center. Dams on reservoirs and other bodies of water upstream from the Houston Area are also being forced by circumstances to open their own floodgates, in order to avert their own catastrophic failure.  

Roads are mostly impassable (in some cases bridges and lowlying segments destroyed by floodwater damage) below Bastrop ( a city southeast of Austin) teh last time I heard anything about it, and the main storm is now ravaging the East Texas/Louisiana border, so ground-based aid from the Texas state capital and from other states are finding it difficult to get to Houston. Not that we have anywhere to accommodate them if they did manage to get here. None of that is Hyperbole or exaggeration.

To be honest, since the nuclear power plant (which, despite what the solar and wind geeks will  lie about to your face tell you, is the main source of electricity around here) is in the Bay City area, I'm rather surprised that we still have power, internet or telephone service here.

It's that bad. Really.
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