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The Second Airship Northstar Steampunk Festival - once again set in the beautiful Ford and Etal Estate in Northumberland. We're the most northerly steampunk festival in the UK, perfectly situated for Northern 'punks and Scottish 'punks - but open to all! We had a massive number of people from all corners of the UK last time as we are incredibly easy to get to by road, rail plane or ferry from Europe. There's on-site camping, and dozens of local B&Bs, hotels, and hostels for all budgets locally. Come and join us, it's going to be epic!

Current line-up and estimated running order (subject to change):

Friday - "Northstar Launches!"
The Pastures
Ramble Gamble
Professor Elemental

Friday late - "The Tarnished Brass Review part 1"
Feline & Strange
The Wattingers
Montague Jacques Fromage

Saturday - "The Captain's Mid-Flight Lounge"
Tom Slatter
Cage of Crows
Mishkin Fitzgerald
The Dark Design
Paul Snook and the Retro Clones
Driven Serious
with Fleur Noire

Saturday late - "The Tarnished Brass Review part 2"

Daniel Malheur (Heaven & Hell Orchestra)
BB Blackdog
Victor and The Bully
with Trixie Blue

Sunday - "Prepare for Landing"
Northstar's Got Talent
The Yuma Territorial Prison Band
Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer

We have tons of traders, food n drink, demonstrations and things to do...the area is stunning and there's a lot to explore, including castles, a watermill, steam railway and more - you can camp on site too

Facebook page is here for up-to-date information

and the ticket website is here

check out


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Re: Airship Northstar 2 - July 7th-9th Ford & Etal Estate Northumberland
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*** A rough Guide to Airship Northstar 2 ***

All times are approximate, and may be altered – there's also a couple of things still to be added
Throughout the weekend there will be a photographic scavenger hunt, entry forms will be available at any time – there will be a prize, instructions will be on the's a great reason (if one were needed) to explore the amazing estate


2pm+  Camping arrival
3pm+  Non-camping arrival, Friday day ticket arrival
4pm    Friday trading opens
-         Filming for 'Steam it Forward' promo video
5pm    Traditional Victorian boasting competition – 'The Voyage to Northstar'
6pm '  Northstar Launches' featuring The Pastures, Ramble Gamble, Professor Elemental
9pm '  The Tarnished Brass Review part 1' featuring Feline and Strange, The Wattingers, Montague Jacques Fromage


11am  Saturday day ticket arrival
-        Saturday trading opens
12      Bartitsu demonstration
12:30  'Backstreet polite-off'' politeness competition
1pm   'Swish' clothing exchange
-        Contraptions, gadgets, and thingamajigs competition
1:30   Obligatory 'Oh, You look fabulous' best-dressed competition
2pm   Learn to duel!
-        'The First Annual Airship Northstar Really Rather Extravagant And Possibly Fictional Facial Hair Competition' – natural grown or hand-crafted facial hair competition
2:30   'Now that's what I call hamsters' mechanical hamster beauty pageant

3pm    The Captain's Mid-Flight Lounge' featuring Tom Slatter, Fleur Noire, Cage of Crows, Mishkin Fitzgerald, The Dark Design, Paul Snook, Driven Serious
9pm    'The Tarnished Brass Review part 2' featuring Daniel Malheur, Trixie Blue, BB Blackdog, Victor and The Bully


11am Sunday day ticket arrival
-        Sunday trading opens
12      'Northstar's Got Talent' - Talent competition with a grand prize
-        Bartitsu demonstration
1pm   Afternoon Tea Duelling
-        Learn to duel!
2pm   'Top Gondolier' – Most impressive airship competition
-        'Second Annual Hamster Club Protest' – this time with prizes!
-        'Clank' steampunk junk exchange
2pm   'Prepare for Landing' featuring The Yuma Territorial Prison Band, Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer
5pm   Airship Northstar closes