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Author Topic: working exposed gears / cogs etc. Good / bad idea? *UPDATE - PICS!  (Read 4493 times)
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« Reply #25 on: June 10, 2017, 11:57:02 pm »

What is the supposed function of the mechanism in question - Meaning the box and gears et al (just curious)?

Oops! - didn't see this post. Embarrassed

The device in question is a slightly different take on the age old "custom computer case mod". In my case most of the design is functional, there will be active water cooling, and thus the copper pipes inside will be working rather than for looks. The only "for looks" thing is the moving gears, but again I plan to have them relay some information about processor use via variable speed - heavy CPU load = fast turning, Idle CPU = slow / stopped.

I decided to build the case from scratch myself as the computer is actually a Raspberry Pi 3 that I use as my daily desktop computer (somewhat overclocked to help usability - perfectly suits my needs, in fact I'm using it right now!). Due to the very small size of the Pi circuit board, it means I can almost completely hide it from view and instead have a machine that appears to be only full of mechanical parts.  Grin

I did briefly consider making a computer case mod where the insides are just completely empty, but I think that may have been done already. Cheesy

I decided to base the design on the 'great Engines' described in The Difference Engine. I was thinking along the lines of a personal / portable 'engine' as constructed and used by "clackers" or other technologically proficient people.

This project is moving a little slowly as I'm still collecting mechanical parts and gears for the inside and exterior, and I still have not yet worked out it's final form - though I think form will follow from what I have to build with. But it is still progressing, and I can soon dedicate some time fully to this project.

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« Reply #26 on: June 17, 2017, 04:17:24 am »

If you have clear sheeting over them, good idea, so long as you can make them work.
If not, as in this artwork I saw in Maryborough last weekend...

One case in which glued-on gears that don't actually work is better, as this is in a historical display open to the public as an attraction, and you can't trust the public not to hurt themselves just walking in the front door.

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