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Author Topic: The Expanse: A Possible Substitute To Firefly  (Read 1327 times)
Rogue Ætherlord
Canada Canada

Student in Techno-Shamanism and Lyncanthrope

« on: January 03, 2017, 12:11:16 am »

Quoted From Cracked:
''I recently realized I'll never get over Firefly, seeing as I'm still holding out hope for it to return as an animated series, even if most of the actors have moved on to better things/places. I just hate that so many questions about the show will never be answered. Will the stark divide between poorer and richer planets escalate into a new civil war? Will the good guy rebels win this time? Will Nathan Fillion ever stop an episode halfway through to thank me for all of my support?

However, I have started getting over the loss of Firefly ever since I discovered the Syfy series The Expanse.

Let me set the stage for you: It's the future, the solar system is colonized, and Sherlock's fourth season is about to premiere. More importantly, there's also a Firefly-esque interplanetary civil war brewing. The three major players are Earth, Mars, and the Asteroid Belt, the redheaded rented step-mule of the system, which supplies most planets with vital resources. Most everyone looks down on the poor, blue-collar Belters who, due to toiling away in zero gravity, develop emaciated bodies and have such fragile bones that they can't function on Earth. NASA, of course, has refused to comment.

Hell, exposing a Belter to Earth's gravity is known as gravity torture, i.e., the show's version of waterboarding.

So, the Belters are the equivalent of Firefly's heroic, underdog Browncoats, right? Hahaha, NO. Most of them are dicks.

That's the beauty of The Expanse: There is no clearly defined bad guy here. Literally everybody sucks. Earth is controlled by the U.N., Mars is a militaristic, possibly fascist superpower, and Belters, fuck, a lot of them support terrorism to further their cause. But their cause is just -- the creation of an independent Belter homeworld where they can have full access to air and water, which the bigger planets are denying them. Sort of like in another sci-fi series where food on poorer planets was worth more than gold because of rich assholes billions of miles away.

Now, there IS a group of scrappy underdogs who basically go against every major power in the show.

But unlike a lot of science fiction shows where each character fits a loose archetype of either liking science a lot or hating it, every character in The Expanse is clearly defined, while leaving a ton of room for them to grow and surprise us.

Also, just like Firefly, a lot of stuff in the Syfy channel show is old, broken down, and rusting away. It all just helps make the world of The Expanse more ... expansive, and thus a great substitute for the series we lost. Still planning to charge Fox with treason if I ever become president, though. ''

The IMDb Page:

Personally, from the trailer, i don't quite see Firefly's '' Old West In Space'' feel in The Expanse or anything steamy or dieselish, but maybe if i saw a whole episode....

Do you see a full episode ? It is classifiable as Steampunk ? Dieselpunk ? Do Cracked is right on calling it a spiritual sucessor to Firefly ?

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The word pagan came from paganus , who mean peasant . Its was a way to significate than christianism was the religion of the elite and paganism the one of the savage worker class.

''Trickster shows us how we trick OURSELVES. Her rampant curiosity backfires, but, then, something NEW is discovered (though usually not what She expected)! This is where creativity comes from—experiment, do something different, maybe even something forbidden, and voila! A breakthrough occurs! Ha! Ha! We are released! The world is created anew! Do something backwards, break your own traditions, the barrier breaks; destroy the world as you know it, let the new in.''
Extract of the Dreamflesh article ''Path of The Sacred Clown''
Argus McJohnsten
United States United States


Still learning.

« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2017, 05:58:27 am »

Don't have cable anymore, but this has my interest piqued.

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J. Wilhelm
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United States United States

Sentisne fortunatum punkus? Veni. Diem meum comple

« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2017, 11:28:03 am »

Sounds a bit like the anime series, Cowboy Bebop, except that Mars was a hypercapitalistic world where all the wealthy people (mostly Chinese) lived. The Earth was trashed beyond recognition, thanks to some sort of industrial accident or catastrophe that split the moon in half, sending a rain of giant meteors to Earth. The environment was more like a late 20th. C police novel, revolving a rag tag band of bounty hunters, not too far from criminals themselves.

Board Moderator
Rogue Ætherlord
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Nothing beats a good hat.

« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2017, 02:40:44 pm »

I watched the whole of Season 1 on Netflix in November.
I'm hooked.
Thankfully, despite less than 'stellar' original viewing figures on Syfy it got some brilliant reviews and is now popular on Netflix who have bought it and are producing Season 2.
And Netflix also have the budget to keep the production values high.

The legs have fallen off my Victorian Lady...
Time Traveler

Only The Shadow knows

« Reply #4 on: January 03, 2017, 02:47:14 pm »

Season 2 premieres later this month I believe.

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