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Author Topic: Collectible Card Game for Magitek Setting?  (Read 1111 times)
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« on: October 24, 2016, 04:26:41 am »

I bring up 'magitek' even though there's no real way to reliably have magical anti-counterfeiting or the like because setting. The big thing here is it's like pre-internet, telegraph/phones are simi-scarce/religated to well to do or municiple locations. Meaning you wouldn't have the constant information flow you have 'now.'

I know collectable cards more or less started as tobacco promotion and other ways of promoting products rather than today's or even back in the 80's buying a pack of five.

Forgeries would be more commonly attempted even though you have some dimi-human types like werewolves, pixies, and such that can see brush strokes even with fine brushes as opposed to printed card stock.

The thing is I'm thinking like you'd have mostly in-local-area/city type events with maybe a once every three or six month regional event. Like the local events would take place at a designated store/hotel but regionals would use the local fairgrounds or if it's a large enough city a convention center where you'd have shop, 'deck vs deck' type tournaments, 'best self made card' and other events designed to try finding new talent and product promotion.

The thing is I know nothing of what the sort of game the cards should be like. Shouldit be like your normal four suit deck with the main things being like artwork? Or should it be something like how pokemon, MTG, YGO, etc are and it being actual 'build a strategic deck to 'fight' opponents with?

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