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Author Topic: The Queer Geer Mk. II: A club for the LGBQT+ crowd and friends  (Read 26515 times)
Lady Coral Lesong
United States United States

« Reply #175 on: August 15, 2019, 05:11:29 pm »

Hello all,

I know that it has been awhile since I have spoken in this forum, however, I wish to convey some good news!  Smiley

As you all know, I had been struggling to pass the Bar Exam in my state. I took the exam again for the fourth time in July 2018. This time, thankfully, I finally managed to pass the wretched exam. In fact, I only needed a score of 270 and I received a score of 276. I am officially a lawyer now! I am sworn into my state's bar, and have an official license to practice law!

Now, I am currently looking for work in a law firm within my state, which is the only state I can currently practice in. I have been rejected so many times that its become annoying to read or hear the rejection letters, however, I am not giving up. I fought hard for three years to become licensed, I am willing to fight to become a working lawyer. It would be amazing to be able to help people in whatever capacity I can and, since this is my dream, I am not willing to give up on this yet.

Wish me luck!

Coral Lesong, Attorney at Law

P.S.: It would be very satisfying to use my legal and chosen name and the end of this, however, I know that is not very wise, so I chose to instead use my forum name and say that I am an attorney in that way in my signature line. I just wanted to see it in print. Smiley
Zeppelin Captain
Australia Australia

« Reply #176 on: August 15, 2019, 11:45:23 pm »

Lady Cora, many congratulations on you new and hard one status!
Job hunting can be nasty, whatever the occupation, but have you considered some part-time pro bono work at Legal Aid or some such organisation, to get a little work experience? I had a couple of long-term unemployment 'episodes' in the past, and did some voluntary work in one of the departments in my city council - it eventuated into paid temporary work until I found a full time paid position elsewhere.
J. Wilhelm
╬ Admiral und Luftschiffengel ╬
United States United States

Sentisne fortunatum punkus? Veni. Diem meum comple

« Reply #177 on: August 16, 2019, 02:02:23 am »

Congratulations, Ms. Lesong, Esq. ! My mother passed the bar in Pennsylvania. She lives in California  Tongue Passing the nation-wide bar is possible but much more difficult, if I understand correctly. With all that is happening in the United States it should not be difficult to find a role for very long. Sadly my mother is old and sick, so that zaps her energy to find work.

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