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Author Topic: Citizens of Antiford Kickstarter| Steampunk Adventure  (Read 794 times)

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« on: July 25, 2016, 06:30:43 pm »

   Hello all. The collaborative Fiction website: The Citizens of Antiford dot Com, has just started their first Kickstarter, and we need help from the community to make our first publication a reality. We are doing this by....

   ...releasing a collection of Steampunk short stories... We haven't seen that before.

   Ok, no, but seriously. This collection all take place in the collaborative world of Orr written by members of the website. And we need help from steampunk readers like you to make it a reality.

Let me just copy some stuff from the Kickstarter. They say it best. Smiley

Our steampunk collective, the Citizens of Antiford, are launching our first book: a collection of six amazing adventures!

We are the Citizens of Antiford, a steampunk collective of amateur cosplayers, artists, and authors. Our fictional world was created about 6 years ago and we’ve been active in the steampunk community and growing ever since.

If you’re interested in discovering more about us and our world, there’s a plethora of stories, videos, comics, and more on our community’s website

We held a challenge for our members to write short stories worthy of publication. We selected six stories that represent the idea of adventure in the Citizens of Antiford’s world.

The Hunt by Justin Thibault

A naturalist from across ocean is hired to travel to Antiford on a hunt for a dangerous queen goblin.

Sarah Sinnott and the Sinister Stalker by Brett Parsons

The crew of the airship Caelum Navis is hired to protect a young admirer from a mysterious stalker.

Assassin’s Greed by Jada Taylor

An assassin is found out and left to die. What will kill her first? The poison now running through her veins or the harsh Istoki desert?

The Manticore by Brad Gentges

The crew of the Arbiter sets off to the mountains to discover the fate of the airship Manticore, and what they find is far more than anyone expected.

The Return by Greg A Brown

A bounty hunter finds the wintery country of Kuu doesn’t suit him and makes an exit full of gunpowder and grenades.

The Badger’s Challenge by Nathan Powell

A challenge is issued by a powerfully rich maniac that sets everyone out on a mad dash full of sabotage and action.

All the stories have been written and a great deal of care and effort went into editing them for the reading public, but now we’re at a crossroads.
Without your help, we would only be able to print a small, limited run or on-demand.

We need help to print a respectable number of copies, which will be delivered to backers who choose a reward with the book, and will be sold at small book shops, online, and at our booth at nerd culture conventions.

We’re aiming to get these books into your hands well in time to be gifts this upcoming holiday season.

Read the Kickstarter for more information on rewards and the like.  Thank you so much for your time. Please check us out and do us a solid favor and share the link around. We need all the help we can get. It is our first publication after all. Wink
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