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Author Topic: Steampunk Role Playing Games  (Read 1700 times)
Barrington Von Steamy
England England

« on: January 01, 2016, 12:20:15 pm »

 Hello everyone............and a very happy new year to you all
at various times on this forum,people enquire about RPG's and if anyone is interested in joining in games,but nothing seems to come of it
I realise that because the community is so widespread it is difficult to organise or commit to anything ,but with the internet it is possible .

I have recently come across a couple of thigs that with my limited computer skills I have been unable to take advantage of

First ..............the Roll20 Online gaming website............this is a set up for everything to do with internet role playing..............check it out
the second is a site called DriveThru RPG's............On this site I found two very interesting things.......the first is a game system called Victoriana ,by Pinnacle entertainment.....have a look
The second ,and this might take a little explaining is a game system called Fate........which is a simpl..ish set of core rules that is then used wth supplements for various of which is a steampunk world
I would be very interested to hear from anyone,whether all ready familiar with gaming or completely new to only need a good imagination to role play with a view to talking about setting something in motion
Best Regards

Board Moderator
Zeppelin Captain
England England

The werewolf Airship Captain.

« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2016, 12:11:40 pm »

If they looked at the top of the forum there is a separate section form games and there is always something going on.

All they Need to do is pop into the OOC section and post to get involved.

I suffer from a random misfiring synapse and a bad case of wolfen the turns me into a seven-foot-tall werewolf or a seven-foot great wolf!
Barrington Von Steamy
England England

« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2016, 04:46:21 pm »

These interactions dont seem to be the same thing as I am talking about.however there is very little interest in my post so I will just mention for those interested in wargaming and roleplaying that Salute 2016 has a steampunk theme  google it and maybe visit
Inflatable Friend
Zeppelin Admiral
Italy Italy

« Reply #3 on: January 08, 2016, 09:48:37 pm »

Two years ago at Dragonmeet the event was aswim with a great many Steampunk RPG games, Victoriana, which you mention was certainly one. I brought a copy on a whim but was honestly quite disapointed. It's basically every single Steampunk trope haphazardly crammed together. A sort of Shadowrun meets TMNT for a magical psuedo-furry teaparty. The rest of the titles ran together into a sort of peasouper haze of sameness.

Never tried Roll20, though I really should. No local gaming groups that it's easy for me to join (though I should, science knows my Italian language skills need the workout)

DriveThruRPG certainly are the kings of the system buying world, a search on there will fill your browser to the brim with a myriad of Steampunk RPG systems.

I recall hearing good things about Cogs, Cake and Swordsticks, though I've not played it myself. Its publishers, Modiphius also do the classic Space 1889, which like Hipsters was Steampunk before it really existed, and are working on an Airfix Battles system, which sounds fun.

There are also various generic systems you can adapt to fit pretty much anything, Fate, as you mention, Savage Worlds, 2d0, GURPS, BRP (Basic Roleplaying) and a whole host more. Hillfolk / Dramasystem is another generic system I've heard really good things about, I would have grabbed a copy this year but got distracted and blew my budget on other things. Normally best to stick with a core system that you already enjoy using or are familiar with - makes the transition easier.

Didn't see much in the way of Steampunk at Dragonmeet this year, seems some 90% of shown systems were Cthulhu, or Cthulhu meets WW2/Zombies/London/comedy/TheFuture. Honestly, there are so very many Cthulhu related systems and setting now that I'm honestly quite bored with the whole thing, which annoys me.
Zeppelin Captain
Russian Federation Russian Federation

« Reply #4 on: February 10, 2016, 12:33:42 pm »

Come to Russia. Here You will be able to play the live role-playing game

Broken reality: Sleepy Hollow
London 1887
Deadlands 2016 No man's land
Warmachine: End of an era of steam.

there is a choice Smiley

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