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Re: Somewhere between Gaaaaah and Things That Make You Happy ...
« Reply #200 on: April 18, 2022, 11:56:01 am »
About identity documents: We have a joke here that if you look like your passport/ID card photograph, it's safe to say you're not well enough to travel.  ;D

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Re: Somewhere between Gaaaaah and Things That Make You Happy ...
« Reply #201 on: May 26, 2022, 11:39:07 am »
so much gut pain that I've been squirming in my seat half the days of the past two weeks. It's not the usual type, location and duration that I know and have adapted to. It hurts to eat, it hurts to not eat, it hurts to lay down, it hurts to sit or stand too long. hickups are agony and I'm burping knives, and farting hammer blows to the gut. and even when it's not actively hitting me with pain I left sore enough that it feels like I've been hit in the gut and kidneys by a boxer.

so called my doctor and got a visit with a nurse by the end of the first week. a cursory look suggests nothing too scary, but we should run some tests. waited over an hour to get into the lab. and some more to x-ray. and they tell me the earliest they can set up a referal for a GI specialist is January, a few days later the results are in. Liver, kidney, pancreas, and immune system all seem to be set to all systems normal and healthy. no infections, no markers for appendix or gallbladder issues. no ulcer causing bacteria. symptoms do not indicate anything like c.diff.

Seem to have symptoms ease for a few days. tend the gardens of my landlord/friend when he's away for a 4 day family event. and have the whole thing flair up again in agony. He comes back and after a couple of days he insists on taking me to the ER.

7.5 hour wait at the ER, and 4.5 hours in there once they take me in. Blood test says all signs normal. CT scan says no hiatal hernia, liver, kidney and pancreas are healthy and happy. not blockages, no strictures. almost everything is as it should be. but the almost needs so more details, so to the ultrasound we go. again almost everything look as it should.

the almost? Apparently I've got some gall. all indications are that my gall bladder is healthy... just double sized and hanging out a bit lower than most.

I expect this will all be expensive, and it's a bit frustrating that we do not know why it feels like a hive of hornets are going at my insides. and this has been going on since 2 weeks ago, and the ER visit took 12 hours, to not know what is wrong... but we can rule out several things, and got a good look at my insides to see that they are quite healthy in most regards. they gave me something for the pain, and are seeing about getting a referral for a GI Specialist before next year, possibly in a matter of weeks.
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Re: Somewhere between Gaaaaah and Things That Make You Happy ...
« Reply #202 on: June 27, 2022, 09:22:34 pm »
My 14/15 year old PC, inherited from my dear old dad after he died, has been, shall we say more than a little glitchy lately, slowing down to a snails pace and a general pain.

I've been offline for about 2 weeks now whilst getting the HDD cloned and installed in a brand new bespoke shiny machine........ Ye gads it's quick.

Still installing stuff on a fresh system, has cost a small fortune, but fingers crossed should do me for a while now, so things should be back to normal soon....... I hope.