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Re: "STEAM LONDON" Game Thread
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Patrick sat side-by-side with Jen, staring into the face of the pope himself, who gave both of them a wrinkled smile.
"Signore O'Landry, I haver a proposition for you. After the fall of the inquisition, children from all over the world have come forth, reporting of affinitites for technology and the ability to controll it with white fires. The british government and The vatican have decided to make you an offer. Stay in London and we will give you more than enough money to live off of, and thensome.
"All you need to do is assist in the construction of a technomancer's academy, after building it, you may assume the role of Headmaster. Your wife, Miss Sheehan is welcome at any rate. After the inquisition, we have learned that other creeds may know things we do not."
Patrick stood up and shook the withered old man's hand, causing many cardinals a large amount of shock.

Cain pondered the possibility of which fairy tale the rather old queen was from. Her ruby-red hair made him remember the story of Snow white and Rose red.
"Perhaps she was Rose Red." He said, contemplatively. He sucked on his lemon-flavored lollipop contemplatively. His ponderings were interrupted by Madame Arachne, who walked in, side-by-side with Abe, carrying a tray of steaming hot cranberry scones with jam. "Would you two lovebirds fancy a snack?" She said in her velvety voice as she placed a pair of warm, triangle-shaped snacks flecked with ruby-colored semicircles.
"What are these?" Cain said, pointing to the crimson morsels.
"Something Abe here showed me, the big sweety calls 'em cranberries. They grow everyewhere in the colonies."
Cain took a bite of the scone, his face immediately lit up.
"It's fantastic!!"
"Are you almost done with that book you two have been writing?" The bionic madame asked, looking over his shoulder at the illustrations of each of the crewmembers.

To say they lived hapilly ever after would be a lie, but it's not always being happy that makes a story special. Sometimes those little bits of sadness in between are there to make you appreciate the hapiness you feel with your family, friends and loved ones even more. And so Inac.... Cain erased the name Inac, replacing it with 'Cain' Cain and Angel and the rest of the crew took their goods with their bads, which made the goods all the more sweet.

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Re: "STEAM LONDON" Game Thread
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"So..." Ella said, walking around the room she and Elisha had been given awkwardly. "...Where do we go from here? You and I, I mean?" She smiled slightly. "It's so strange...all the while that we were on the Boheme, I never gave a thought to what we would do if we won--if we actually defeated the Cold Ones. It just never crossed my mind."

She sat on the bed next to him. "I suppose I'll go back to university, if they'll take me back after being gone for so long--if anything, this whole experience has made me want to be a doctor even more. But what else should we do?"
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Re: "STEAM LONDON" Game Thread
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He paused. "I suppose the Aether League will always have work for us, if we want it. And...well, I'm sure there's the chance to travel."

He paused again. "I'm not sure... but as you mention the university... I wonder. I may try to get into studies on navigation. I was never able to go to a university and I only really have the bare basics..."

"I guess there's a lot I wanted to do, but never saw as an option. Now, the war is over. So, I guess we can go wherever we want from here. Really, I don't care when we do it all or in what order. I just want to do it with you."
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Re: "STEAM LONDON" Game Thread
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Ella grinned. "Me too," she said. "Sounds good to me." She leaned in and kissed him.

Eleanor Townsend-Armistead was used to not knowing about the future. Years on the street had cemented that fact. But now, she didn't mind. Yes, the future was uncertain. But uncertain doesn't necessarily mean bad, and Ella knew that she would be able to handle whatever the world chose to throw at her.


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Re: "STEAM LONDON" Game Thread
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Jen stood alone in her bedroom, looking at her reflection in the tall mirror. She didn't recognise herself any more - where once a small, brownhaired girl had been, a ghostly, impossibly fragile looking creature with thick white hair to the knee now stood. Brown eyes replaced by colourless ones with golden crosses for pupils.

She didn't know what the future would hold for herself and Patrick, but she was happy with that. The clock struck half past eight. Gathering her thoughts, Jen whipped her hair into a braid, slipped on her smoked glasses and flipped her hat onto her head, walking out the door with a confident stride. She had a school to open.
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Re: "STEAM LONDON" Game Thread
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