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Author Topic: "STEAM LONDON" Character Guide  (Read 32430 times)
Snr. Officer
Netherlands Netherlands

« on: October 31, 2007, 06:59:02 pm »

Please read the full GAME GUIDE first before creating the character you wish to role-play with.  Particularly refer to the following excerpt from the Game Guide concerning "Character Creation":

Players are basically free to create whatever character they like, be it a Zeppelin Captain or Vampire.  Please do keep in mind though that characters with magical powers are expected to be based within the Underword, where Upper World characters should be of more middle- to upper-class background, possibly with a peculiar interest in science and technology.

Though there are no official restrictions on what players' characters can be and do, certain limits to their abilities are encouraged. Characters with near-divine powers and seemingly no weakness (i.e.: "uber-characters") are thus strongly disencouraged; such characters make for boring and predictable role-playing. Players are rather recommended to create interesting characters, who have flaws, can sometimes be unsympathetic, but are above all human (more or less) and realistic.

Please adopt the following template in posting your character's profile.

Name :
Age :
(place of birth) :
Physical appearance :
Profession / job title
(if any)
Biography :

A biography is not necessarily required but strongly encouraged to grant the rest of the players a general idea what kind of character your character is.  The biography doesn't have to be long--indeed, we encourage a short personal history rather than an extended biography.
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Snr. Officer
United Kingdom United Kingdom

« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2007, 08:09:54 pm »

Might I advise adding Personality to this template and possibly Job title as well?

Name: Bracer Hensworth.
Age: 15
Nationality (place of birth): London, England
Physical appearance: Bracer is a well built lad and has long blonde hair which falls well below his shoulders, which would accompany his bright, enchantinly green eyes were it not constantly tied back. He has is that way to keep it off his face, though there are other things that aid in this too, for instance: He is always to be found wearing a hat, normally a beige Ushanka but occasionally a bowler. His goggles would also prevent his hair from getting in the way as they are essentially a thick leather zoro-style face mask that buckles up at the back and has two large lenses over the eye holes, brass rimmed of course.
The rest of his clothes change between various brightly coloured waistcoats over plain shirts. A silver pocket watch is always to be found in the pocket of his waistcoat. His trousers are usually of thick material and are tucked into his huge, brown leather, steel capped boots. But possibly his most important item of clothing is his belt. It is his mode of transport, amongst other things. This belt is made from very thick leather and has a number of things upon it. One most important item is a steam-powered grappling gun, held at his right hip. The gun fires a grapple that has a wire cord attached to it and, in turn, the cord is attached to a winch which can move around on his belt but is normally next to the grappling gun, unless in use.
There is also, on the belt, a water bottle at the front side of his left hip. A small knife, central at the back. A bag for general stuff on the right side of the back. And a compass, at the back of his left hip. There is also a number of hooks, loops and pipe clamps for general use.
Biography: Bracer was born of a fairly well-off couple who lived in London Propper, and occupied an entire floor of an apartment building. They sent him off to a boarding school, the best money could get, and all would have been fine if it were not for two, disastrous consequences. The first was the death of his parents. They were killed in a car accident while he was away at school. The second was the burning of his school, nobody knows whether it was an arsonists work or not, but it doesn't really matter. What does is that Bracer hated it at the school and had run away earlier on the day of the burning. A terrible coincidence, as it resulted in him getting home to find the door to his house boarded up and, after climbing in through a window, finding that much of the furnature was gone and the rest, all the worse things, covered by tarpaulins. The fact that no-one else made it out of the wreckage of his boarding school made everyone think that he had perished as well and so, though everything was left to him he cannot claim it. Now he simply lives in the house and waits for something interesting to happen. Venturing around the city and stealing what he needs to get by.

Keep it unreal.
Gaslight Phantom
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2007, 05:43:08 am »

Name: Ajax Callaghan
Age: 26
Nationality: Galway, Ireland
Physical Appearance: Ajax Callaghan is a giant of a man – six foot two inches tall and weighing nearly 300 pounds, with a chest as broad as an ox (and just as hairy) and shoulders wider than most doorframes. His hair is short, curly, reddish-brown, and generally hidden under a muddy-coloured tweed newsboy cap, and he sports a pair of prodigious sideburns that make him look vaguely like a short-haired orangutan. His eyes are a flat, uninteresting brown, but his flat nose is an embarrassed shade of red, making it the prominent feature in his square-jawed face. His arms are slightly too long for the rest of his body, and his hands are huge and calloused.
Ajax's wardrobe is neither well-furnished nor expensive, consisting of one or two off-white collared shirts, a pair of suspenders, and a few beaten pairs of work trousers with enough stains and smudges to drive a laundrywoman to distraction. Over these he wears a tattered green-brown moleskin coat, and a pair of fingerless leather gloves. His shoes are nothing much to look at, nor is the rest of his ensemble – but what makes Ajax stand out from the crowd (besides his stature) is his lamplighter's gear.
In the old days, lamplighters had to be content with lit wicks on hooked poles to open and light the towering gaslamps. However, great advances in lamplighting technology have provided Ajax with what basically amounts to a very long-barreled blowtorch: a six-foot length of leather-wrapped brass tubing connected by a hose to a pressurized pump-driven canister on Ajax's back, which expels coal gas at a variable rate when an ingenious set of knobs and dials are twiddled correctly. By means of a "trigger" apparatus at the near end of the pole/nozzle, this gas may be ignited and used to spread the flame to the lamp where it belongs. Not all the bugs have been ironed out (since its inventor was immolated the last time the attempt was made) but it does its job well enough, and provides a convenient and lethal form of protection in unsavoury areas of town.
Profession: Lamplighter
Biography: Born to a family of steelworkers in Galway, Ajax spent the greater part of his life smelting steel in a factory alongside his three brothers. When he was inevitably laid off along with half the factory workers, replaced by much more efficient and economical machines, Ajax took the change in his fortune as more of a blessing than a curse, bundled his belongings into a pack, and headed  across the strait to London to make his way in the world.
It didn't go as planned, and Ajax quickly fell into the London Underworld, unable to find a job and beseiged on all sides by the city's terrible, unexpected novelty. At long last, his path was crossed by an eccentric lamplighter and aspiring inventor named Haywood Pickering, also fallen on hard times, and the unlikely duo became fast friends. Haywood convinced Ajax to take up lamplighting (and convinced the city to hire the unfortunate ex-steelworker), and even shared with him the secret of his newest invention: the awkwardly-named Pickering Remote Gaslamp Illuminator Mark I, destined to change the face of the lamplighter industry and catapult Haywood and Ajax into the spotlight.
Sadly, the many dangerous kinks in Haywood's design turned all potential investors away, and eventually resulted in his untimely demise. Hit hard by his only friend's death, Ajax did what he could with his limited technical knowledge to salvage and improve the damaged contraption, and continued in the lamplighting trade with renewed vehemence, all the while searching for anyone interested in financing the Pickering-Callaghan Remote Gaslamp Illuminator Mark II.
Snr. Officer
Netherlands Netherlands

« Reply #3 on: November 01, 2007, 02:16:16 pm »

Name :  Nicholas van Ottens
Age :  36
Nationality :  Austrian (Vienna)
Physical appearance :  Van Ottens stands a tall and rather weedy figure whose eyes are sunken deep into the bone structure of his skull and face is pale.  His appearance would suggest poor health were it not for his cruel mouth which reveals a perverse sense of humor, causing him to sometimes confuse or even inadvertently hurt those who do not understand or accept the concept of argument as sport.  Van Ottens has more than a little cynical bite in his attitudes and observations of life.  He has an acid wit which results in sometimes shocking statements; statements which, under close scrutiny, carry more than a grain of truth about man and society.
His choice of wardrobe is almost exclusively of the color black, typically appearing in long black overcoat underneath which a equally colorless waistcoat hides the whiteness of his shirt.  Van Ottens doesn't care much for hats though in hazardous weathers may add black leather gloves and protective goggles to his ensemble.
Profession :  Zeppelin captain & adventurer
Biography :  Born into a wealthy middle class Vienna family, Van Ottens spend most of his childhood abroad due to his father's ambassadorial duties to the Empire.  He thus learned to speak Russian, French, and English fluently besides his native tongue of German.  His mother died when he was but twelve years old; a loss from which he never fully recovered in spite of his father's best attempts to raise his son on his own.  A fine musician, Van Ottens gave up an education at the renowned Konservatorium Wien to pursue a career in politics over his father's objections.  Though he briefly served as Advisor to the Emperor's Foreign Minister, the remainder of his career was never a public one.  At age 36 an unfortunate incident involving the Russian Ambassador brought his career to an end, prompting Van Ottens to invest a great part of his wealth into buying an airship and making for London; the city where he lived with both his parents until his mother's death; the only place where he was ever truly happy.

An impression of Van Ottens' zeppelin, the Peril, may be observed below.
Miss Gadget
Deck Hand
United Kingdom United Kingdom

« Reply #4 on: November 02, 2007, 12:54:03 am »

Name : Horatio Darcy
Age : 23
Nationality (place of birth) : Norwich, England
Physical appearance : Having the build of one used to writing and the resulting tendancy to slouch, Horatio appears a lot shorter than he actually is. His somewhat unruly brown hair frames a pale face on which sit a pair of reading spectacles and a pale grey, wool coat serves as his protection from the British weather along with a pair of brown, woolen, fingerless gloves.
At his side hangs a leather satchel from which various papers, pencils and drawing tools are constantly attempting escape.
Profession / job title (if any) : Antique book dealer
Biography : Finding a love of reading at an early age, Horatio frequented the book shops of Englands old capital. As his schooling progressed he found a talent for Latin and began to delve into the more esoteric texts found on dusty shelves in drafty rooms.
Upon leaving school he took employment with one of the dealerships he had spent many hours searching for interesting volumes. From here he quickly gained a reputation as a man able to track down rare and unusual texts, it was this reputation that saw a mysterious letter to his door one cold winters morning.
The correspondance requested the location of an occult tome in return for a somewhat considerable sum.
It has taken several months, but now the trail has led Horatio to the dark streets of London...

Piece by piece, snip by snip, croup, dock, haunch, shoulders, hip,
Tread by thread, primmed and pressed, yard by yard, never stressed,
And that's the Art of the Dress!
Snr. Officer

Subpelin Underlord

« Reply #5 on: November 03, 2007, 11:38:31 pm »

Name: Chiyoko Daiki
Nationality (Place of birth) : Kobe, Japan
Physical appearance: With the build and manner of a weathered samurai, Kobe is obviously uncomfortable in his western westcoat. His hair is in a permanant top-knot, but is unnoticible under his bowler hat. He wears his katana and Tanto Wherever he goes on his left hip. 
Profession: Body Gaurd
Biography: Raised traditionally in his home town by his widowed mother, Chiyoko grew up the same way his line had for generations. At the age of six he had began training in the samurai arts, and by twelve had been accepted into his father's clan. But at 23, when the Empire denounced the rights of the Samurai, the clan was broken, leaving Chiyoko without home or purpose. The Emperor, hearing of his then-renouned skills in battle, offered him as a sign of peace to British Embassadors. A high class aristocrat named Merideth Brown accepted, taking Chiyoko as a bodygaurd. After rudimentary lessons in english, Chiyoko was whisked away from his quiet village to the bustling city of London.


"There will always be a lost world for you here..." - Atterton

Your reality sir, is lies and balderdash and i am delighted to say i have no grasp of it whatsoever!
Snr. Officer
Antarctica Antarctica

Professor's phlegmatic lackey

« Reply #6 on: November 04, 2007, 09:36:01 am »

Name : Demetri "Docteur" Rouselle
Age : 21
Nationality (place of birth) : Annecy, France
Physical appearance : Doc has not yet lost his skinny, youthful appearance. He is about 6 feet tall with stick-straight black-brown hair that falls just below his ears and very pale skin that is sprinkled with freckles under his deep blue eyes. He constantly wears a thick coat the color of his eyes, which he doesn't even take off indoors. This is not because of a dearth of coats in his wardrobe--he owns seven of the same one. Finally, Demetri rarely lets any expression onto his face, but when he does, it is usually one of the warmest, most sincere smiles in all of London, a true gift to his friends.
Profession / job title (if any): Polisher of cases in the British Museum, and dearly wanting to be anything else, though he would never be the type to vocalize this desire. Also finishing his last year of college in the University of London in the subject of history; he is the one student who is able to answer every question once his professor helps him though the English of it; in this respect, a certain bilingual Professor Agrippa has helped him the most, who teaches an archaeology course he is taking on the side (someone may take him as their character, if they wish). His fellow students, whom he has no interest in associating with, quietly envy his decent marks; rather than ever studying, he wanders the city and school all day, preferring to speak to older people, if anyone at all.
Biography : Born to French and Russian parents in the southeast of France, most of Demetri's life was a sheltered one, confined to the small city of Annecy, which is responsible for his laughable innocence in the much different setting of London. Even his first two years of higher education were within Provence, a region even calmer than the rest of France. He transferred, then, to London, drawn by its archaeological resources and the British Museum and unable to imagine that a place could be so different from home. He was wrong--horribly wrong, but he at least appeared to take the change gracefully, even when the only job he could obtain to pay for school was, despite his wealth of knowledge, on the janitorial staff of the Museum. Was the experience frightening or stressful for him, particularly when he had not yet picked up the little English he knows? If it was, he never let it on to anyone.
Despite his adaptable demeanor, however, the fact still remains that he is a newcomer to London with all academic knowledge and none whatsoever of the practical sort. It cannot be denied that he is in great danger every time he steps outside, a sitting duck for the darker inhabitants of the underground.
Personality :At some point in his life, which another character will have to discover by earning enough of his trust, Demetri gave up entirely on emotions, or at least their outward expression. To anyone else who wonders about it, he says, "so I can think in peace." He has not, however, abandoned loyalty, friendship, and relations with other people. Though he is mostly quiet, it is not from shyness; anyone who cares to speak to him will be disarmed by his friendliness and endearing sense of humor, and anyone with the time to earn his friendship has gained a sincere companion for life. He is totally unaware of it, but his astonishing expertise in history draws intellectuals to him, though he would be too modest to admit himself to be one of them.
Observing his stoic demeanor, his classmates sometimes wonder behind his back what would happen if he fell in love--it hasn't happened yet.

"An eruption!" I said. "We're in the chimney of an active volcano?"
"I think so," said the professor smiling, "and that's the best thing that could happen to us!"
-Journey to the Center of the Earth

"The way to my heart is through my chest, with a scalpel and a bone saw."
-Lady Anne
Steam Theologian
Zeppelin Overlord
Canada Canada

« Reply #7 on: November 04, 2007, 10:36:00 pm »

Name : Col. Hiram Merriwether
Age :45
Nationality (place of birth) : London, 1830
Physical appearance : Merriwether is about 5' 7" tall, and weighs 160 pounds. He has a scar, similar to a Heidelberg dueling scar on his left cheek, this being a souvenir of the Second Afghan War. His hair is straight and black, with touches of grey at the temples. He does not favour a beard or moustache, but has a modest set of sidewhiskers. When seen at his clubs in Upper London, he has the dress and demeanor of a well-to-do gentleman. When in Lower London, he prefers a black frock coat and bowler.
Profession / job title:  Colonel, British Army, retired.
Biography :  Merriwether was educated at Eton College and the University of Oxford before embarking upon a military career. Formerly of the 1st Bangalore Pioneers, he served in the Jowaki Expedition and in the Second Anglo-Afghan War, seeing action (and being wounded) at the Battle of Charasiab, (for which he was mentioned in dispatches), the Battle of Sherpur and at Kabul. A devoted sportsman and highly skilled shot, he was author of the books Dangerous Game of the Western Himalayas and Life and Hunts in the Jungle, and reportedly once crawled down a drain after a wounded man-eating tiger. However, he soon turned to the bad , and although there was no open scandal he was obliged to retire from the army and return to London.
It is rumoured that his wealth was amassed through the exploitation of the Indian lower classes, and by looting of temples while on campaign.
Outwardly quite respectable, with an address in Conduit Street, Mayfair and membership of the  Anglo-Indian Club, the Tankerville Club and The Bagatelle Card Club, he nevertheless continued in his evil ways, venturing into the seedy underworld of London, gaining more wealth and experience in the doing.
  He soon gained the eye of the master criminal Professor Moriarty, and rose quickly to become Moriarty's right hand man, and operational chief.
After Moriarty's death at the Reichenbach Falls, Merriwether took over the Professor's empire, with a brutal and bloody purge of those who did not believe he was the true successor. Merriwether has access to all the secrets and tools that Moriarty left behind, and has dark plans for expanding his empire of evil.
It is rumored that he has recruited by various means, a cadre of scientists and engineers, well aware that technology and science are the new tools to power. There are rumours that he is in contact with foreign arch-villains of a like mind.
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You never know what lonesome is , 'til you get to herdin' cows.
von Brasswood
Zeppelin Captain
Norway Norway

Master of Graphical Marvel

« Reply #8 on: November 05, 2007, 02:00:41 am »

Name: Geirulf von Brasswood

Age: 24

Nationality (place of birth): Half-Norwegian, half-English, born in Rosendahl, Norway.
Physical appearance: As Geirulf is of Scandinavian origin, he doesn't look upon himself as a tall man, but with his 190cm (6'2"), others do. The fact that his build is narrow and lanky, makes him look even taller. Normally he wears a dark grey suit with a black waistcoat, a grey shirt and a black bowler (on the top of his combed-back blonde hair).

Working in his workshop, he normally wears a black apron and a utility belt with assorted pliers, hammers, saws and

In his chest pocket he has a silver watch, branded with the Brasswood coat-of-arms, inherited by his grandfather on his mothers side, of which he is named after.

On first-appearance it may not look like it, but his tailcoat suit hides more than it seems.

Profession / job title: Knifemaker, and a general tinkerer. Likes to dabble with small mechanics such as watches.

Biography: Born into richness from the marriage between the thespian daughter of a German noble living in Norway, and an English scientist. There he lived with his mother, his father, his older brother by ten years and his grandfather. His father and his older brother disappeared on a scientific journey to Southern Europe, leaving him with his mother and grandfather at an age of 11.

Because of his grandfather, he did not need to learn a profession, but on his own initiative he learned knife making from a local in the town of Rosendahl. In addition to this, he loves to tinker with mechanics and small things, and has made quite a number if inventions that he keeps to himself, hidden from plain view.

At the age of 19, he moved to London, to attend University there, but lacking in motivation for education, and his growing fondness for all things that go "click", he soon dropped out. This was also a reaction to the scientific community, on which he loosely blames the death of his father and brother. At the age of 20 he started a small knife shop in the better parts of London. He still works here, and he lives by himself on the floor above the shop.

Personality: Geirulf is a peculiar fellow, and he likes being alone in his workshop. Sleep is something that comes when necessary, the job is what makes life spin around. Not much of a people person, but he is looked upon as a strange and quiet, but observing man, as well as an outstanding knife maker. As well as a growing dislike to the scientific community, he has in the latter years had a small notion that someone is following him. Some of his little tinkering secrets, which includes spring blades in his jacket arms, is to defend himself if something were to happen. When unsprung, these are barely visible for the trained eye.

Is this lonely wolf simply a paranoid tinkering nerd, or is there something more behind his notion?
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"Steam punk is like a top hat: You can watch it from different angles and enjoy different things about it, and there are no single hat that fits everyones head."
- vonB
the Hat
Snr. Officer
United States United States

Vagabond and Raconteur

« Reply #9 on: November 05, 2007, 03:07:20 am »

Name: Scott Coolige

Age : 18

Nationality (place of birth) : Aberdeen, Scotland

Physical appearance : 6 ft./ 1.8 meters, about 150 lbs./ 68 kg., fairly short thick nut brown hair that is unkempt due to lack brushing, hazel eyes that change color when emotional or angry, wares whatever clothes others throw out, has some facial hair due to the fact that he cannot get his hands on a razor although he is not yet able to grow a full beard

Profession / job title: Rover and opportunist, tells a fantastical story if given the chance

Biography: Born to a quiet couple in the highlands of Scotland, Scott grew up with modest means and a fairly good life. He never knew his father, who died of an unknown sickness before Scott’s first birthday. Realizing that she could not raise her son alone, his mother married a respected French soldier. Scott’s new father proved to be a good man instilling him in the ways of honor and rigorous moral training. Things went well until Scott fell in love with a young Irish maid. Both sets of parents believed this to be a very imprudent match due to the hostilities between the two countries and the lack of respect between the families. Confused and frustrated, Scott fled from his beloved home to the grand city of London, seeking peace for his soul and a good bit of adventure.

Personality: Scott is a very angry and impetuous youth who has trouble keeping his mouth shut. He almost always tells the truth, even when others do not wish to hear it. Although he is nearly penniless, he refuses to steal from others because of the morals taught to him by his adopted father. He has no trouble rooting through other’s trash though.

"Yes, ban people, the way of the future!" -Captain Minty Gearhertz
Leonard Lightning
United States United States

« Reply #10 on: November 08, 2007, 03:10:45 am »

Name :Leonard Fulmineus
Age :26
Nationality (place of birth) : USA NYC
Physical appearance :Leonard would probably be described in the less polite circles as scrawny.  Standing about 5'11" and weighing barely one hundred and fourty pounds he seems almost skeletal.  While not as weak as he would seem at first glance he is no strongman.  Long days of shuffling large mechanical objects in his laboratory have left some meat on his bones.  His hair is bright red and tends to stand on end, luckily it is quite short and can be hidden under a hat (which it frequently is if away from home).  He tends towards dark blue clothes that while finally crafted are not of the finest materials.  Which is a good thing since he frequently has spots of oil or grease on even his best clothes.  He also carries an unusual cane with many nobs and levers on it which if used in his defense crackles with electricity.  His eyes almost seem charged with electricty they are such an intense green.  Finally he is clean shaven.
Profession / job title (if any) Inventor (non-professional)
Biography : (optional)  Leonard grew up in rural New York with frequent visits to New York city.  His father was a man of skill and made a fortune for himself.  Leonard and his twin brother Lemwith were encouraged to try their hand at any task their father was working on.  Unfortuneately this was because their mother had died of complications in giving birth to the twins.  When they were nineteen their father died by lightning strike.  This came as no surprise to either brother as that was their father's current line of experimentation.  Surprise or not both brothers were devestated and blamed the other for not making sure their father's machines were safe.  So shortly after the funeral the brothers had a falling out and Lemwith left home for parts unknown.  Several years of experimentation rarely interupted for anything at all save nesscities came to an explosive end when his brother returned.  His brother had obviously mastered electricity to a greater degree than either Leonard or their father ever had.  He laid waste to Leonard's lab as well as most of the family mansion, forcing Leonard to flee.  His brother however pursued him after realising he hadn't slain him.  And so Leonard fled even further and boarded a ship for France and then another for London hoping to lose his brother.  Now he seeks to find a home here in London.
Mercury Wells
Rogue Ætherlord
I insiste that you do call me WELLS. :)

« Reply #11 on: November 11, 2007, 01:16:47 am »

Blaise Drachten
Physical appearance:-
Purportedly an Assassin
Parents unknown. "Adopted" at a very early age by a group of wealthy Philanthropists. Given an all encompassing education/upbringing. Expected to inherit several titles, land and vast fortunes.

Logged old war wound? I got that at The Battle of Dorking. Very nasty affair that was, I can tell you.

The Ministry of Tea respectfully advises you to drink one cup of tea day...for that +5 Moral Fibre stat.
Mordecai Maxwell
« Reply #12 on: November 11, 2007, 08:13:30 am »

Name : Wyatt Jackson

Age : 25

Nationality (place of birth) : Belcherville, Texas, USA

Physical appearance : Wyatt is a 6'2" tall blond male.  He is well muscled, but not excessively so with a weather beaten face.  His eyes are in a perpetual squint from having seen too much sun.  Most days, he's got a few days' growth worth of facial hair.

When not playing a role for his own purposes, Wyatt chooses to dress in fashion that considers function over form.  He wears a heavy, dark brown, leather duster.  A cowboy hat of the same material sits on his head, and he wears heavy, black boots.  His pants are black with extra pockets on the sides.  Wyatt's belt is adorned with numerous pouches and two double-action revolvers.  He also wears a white shirt made of heavy cotton.  Depending on his mood he may also be carrying a short lever action rifle slung under his coat, out of view.

Profession / job title (if any): Independent Eccentric
Biography : Born the son of a ranch hand in Texas a few years after the end of the US Civil War, Wyatt was trained in his father's business.  At age 14, Wyatt caught the eye of the ranch owner, known to the employees as Alex Long.  Long was an eccentric, taken to reading in his vast library for days at a time; often long periods of seclusion in the library were followed by periods of seclusion in his lab where the pounding of hammers, the roaring of fires, and the screeching of strange machines could be heard.

Long was attracted to Wyatt because he had never had time for children of his own.  Wyatt was made literate and was educated in history and engineering.  Through his own reading Wyatt became a true patriot, believing that the founding fathers of the united States had been on the right track.  The more reading he did, the more he realized that since Lincoln's inauguration and the Civil War, the country was placed on a downward slope that it wouldn't recover from for a long time.  He had no love for slave owners and believed that all men were equal and could achieve great things.

Wyatt continued his reading and learning under Long.  In time, he took over the ranch operations and freed Long to pursue some of his other interests.  Long, in turn, entrusted Wyatt with a cache of gold and securities located on a neighboring property.

It was in 1885 when Wyatt learned that Alex Long was actually Dr. Arliss Loveless, madman.  He was killed during an incident involving the president, and marshals had come to seize all of his property.  Wyatt was free to go and a few years later recovered the wealth that was left to him.  He quickly left the States and headed for London.

In his mind, with his own country lost for generations to come, the next best thing he could do would be to spread freedom to other oppressed people.  Thus he began to consider how to spark a revolution against the crown.
Ben Hudson, Esq.
Snr. Officer
United Kingdom United Kingdom

New avatar, same person.

« Reply #13 on: December 18, 2007, 06:32:27 pm »

Name: Ben Hudson
Age: 28
Nationality (place of birth): He was born at N 61° 26.3, W 15° 17.6, according to ship's logs. For sake of ease, he calls himself English.
Physical appearance: Ben's dark blond hair runs past his shoulders when it is let loose. Usually, however, it is kept tied back for the sake of neatness and safety in the air. His face is unremarkable, but he has ice-blue eyes, that if he is a little critical (which he often is), are rather deep-set. His facial hair is trimmed into sideburns. He stands just over six feet tall in his boots, and is of a lithe and hardy form. Many men have made the mistake of assuming his slim figure meant a lack of muscle, but a lifetime working in the air has given him a lean, tough strength. His body itself shows the marks of a life of hard work - his hands are covered in calluses and scars, though thankfully all his major body parts are still intact.
His normal dress is that of a working man - a collarless shirt in grubby white or black (sleeves rolled up), tucked into cargo trousers, patched and darned in many parts, and a waistcoat on top. He is no skally, mind. When the occasion comes he is at home in a three-piece charcoal suit or a dinner jacket. But practicality dominates his day-to-day dress. His footwear usually consists of leather high-top boots with good grip. He is fond of leather, knowing it to be both hardwearing, warm, and a fair protection against backstreet skivs to boot. In high winds or cold climes he is rarely found without his high-collared trenchcoat, and both of his wrists have leather cuffs he was given by an Icelandic aerotrader.
Profession / job title: A lifetime of work in the air has led him through all related professions. Until recently, he was an engineer on a transport zep. That left behind, he is the captain of the APF Bohème, a captain without a crew for now.
Biography: Born in the air above the sea between Iceland and Scotland, he grew up on a small courier airship, who were glad to have an extra hand once he was old enough to help. His mother was killed when she fell off the envelope mending rips caused in a storm. He never knew his father, and it's equally likely that his mother didn't either. As a result, he was raised by the navigator of the airship Beckwith until  it was brought down by Teutonic raiders. He survived the ensuing fire and sea landing, and was washed ashore at Swanage, England, having clung to a barrel for hours in the water. Having no means at all, he lived in England for a while working in a foundry. This was the first country he had spent more than a fortnight in, so from that time onwards he claimed to be English, not from birth or descent, but luck. This was, however, just a matter of conveniance. No country can count on his loyalty or patriotism. The belief that no man can exercise control over another without contravening his rights led him to rebel against governments and got him into trouble with the law. Nonetheless, he tries to maintain a respectable existance. Courtesy is foremost in his mind.
By the time he was eighteen, he had tired of the hot, dangerous work of the steel industry, and instead looked for a job in the cold, more dangerous world of airships. He crewed upon transport ships for a few years, taking all manner of goods from England to the Americas and Europe. Slowly, and with hard work and determination, he built up his status with various crews until he was head engineer on a two-hundred yard airship carrying black powder around the world, a dangerous job that has brought him into close contact with pirates. Though he always did his duty in defending his cargo, he cannot help but agree with their principals.
By twenty five, he had become bored with the shuttle runs that his job entailed. He worked for another year, living on a shoestring, then left his post with his savings. With this small bundle of money, he visited scrapyards the world over looking for airship parts. The aluminium half-ribs from a Indonesian privateer ship, the rubberised silk from a British skiff, the forty-cal guns from an American ironclad, and countless sheets of scrap aluminium were salvaged for a pittance. Using his skill as an engineer, and the help of a few good friends, he built his own airship, the hundred-yard Bohème. It leaks in places, and his special high-methanol fuel is wreaking havoc on the aluminium Rolls-Royce Condor aeroengines, but he has yet to find himself in a position he can't get out of in it.
His intentions for the future? He hasn't got any real ideas. First of all, he needs to get a crew for his airship. Then he needs to find the money to pay off his debts, and he has a feeling that it might be that very thing that finally gets him into trouble for good. La Bohème is moored in London, which seemed as good a place as any to start his climb into fame or infamy.

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« Reply #14 on: December 19, 2007, 08:41:20 pm »

Name: Jessica Butcher
Age: Between 13 and 30
Nationality: English, resident of United States
Physical appearance: 5' 5" tall, pale skin, blue eyes, and lots of thick curly blonde hair. Passingly attractive. Has no specific style of dressing, but favors brightly colored yet practical clothes.
Profession: Bookkeeper/ superfluous airship crew member/ eccentric adventurer
Biography: Miss Butcher is usually considered a bit crazy because of her yen for crackpot conspiracy theories. Running away from home at a young age, she secured a (useless) crew position on the H.M.S. Prospero, captained  by one Roland Worfpenny. After a few years of doing practically nothing on the airship in between occasional adventures, she settled down in the United States, working in the library of Captain Worfpenny's lover, a professional monster hunter based in Seattle, by the name of Jonothan Hart. She is known to have a very tenous connection with reality.

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« Reply #15 on: December 19, 2007, 10:13:05 pm »

Name: Nicholas MacQuarrie, Esq.
Age: 32
Nationality: British, though born in Istanbul.
Physical appearance: Tall, thin and with utterly enormous sideburns framing his face
Profession: Biographer to Continental Royalty and Aristocracy and writer for The Times.
Biography: Born to a Scottish diplomat and his Boston wife in Istanbul, young Master MacQuarrie spent much of his youth in Turkey and nearby Greece. When his mother left the family to return to America when Nicholas was sixteen years of age, he and his father moved to Edinburgh, where the boy attended the university there as a student of law. However, Nicholas found far more pleasure in his writings - fanciful stories of mad science and unnatural creatures. His first published book was a novel about a man who constructs a time-travelling locomotive called "Adventures Through Time and Space". Unfortunately for Nicholas, it had the bad luck to be put on shelves a little less than a month after the publication of The Time Machine. Disheartened by his own book's failure, MacQuarrie left Scotland for the Continent and spent several years in Paris, Munich and St. Petersburg, and it was in the latter that he stumbled upon a group of socialists, who impressed him with their radical theories and ideals; Nicholas was instantly converted. A novel written in Russian involving a war between a fictional theocratic monarch and a scientifically-minded socialist collective saw him kicked out of Russia, and so he began writing entirely uncontroversial biographies for industrialists and businessmen. Within several years, he had written the stories of the princes and generals of Roumania, Switzerland, Italy and Prussia. He has spent the last three years in south London, penning short stories for The Times. He often finds the time to dabble in science, thinking himself something of an amateur inventor.

"You dress like a cad. You act like a cad. You are a cad."

- George V
« Reply #16 on: December 26, 2007, 03:38:59 am »

Name :  Daniel Fairbanks (pseudonym Archimedes Ives)

Age :  27

Nationality (place of birth) :  the skies over England

Physical appearance :  Daniel is a thin man with short brown hair and green eyes.  He is 5'7" and weighs about 145 lbs.  He usually wears simple yet professional attire and is fond of a black beret which was given to him by his best friend Amelia Lynn.  He often carries a revolver which was built and given to him by his grandfather and is an outstanding marksman.   

Profession / job title :  Æronaut, theorist and gentleman.

Biography : He grew up in the skies aboard his grandfather's zeppelin the Inevitable.  His mother died shortly after his birth and his father was robbed and killed by an unknown assailant.  Life was good, however, and he grew into a top notch Captain.  All was fine until his grandfather died.  So distraught was Daniel that he flew into a fit of rage and nearly destroyed the Inevitable at the climax of his tantrum, which actually lasted for more than a year and involved a lot of drinking. 
Soon after, he met his now best friend and First Mate Amelia Lynn, whom he has only recently begun to feel romantically for.  With her help, he rebuilt the Inevitable and took to the skies once again.  He is currently in the employ of Lord Addison Trent Esq., a cantankerous old explorer.  Most of his work involves chauffeuring Lord Trent about and occasionally transporting the adventurous old coot to and from his various international exploration sites.  As such, Daniel is often paid partly in the various items and relics brought back by Lord Trent, and has a small but impressive collection in his private quarters. 
He often theorizes about perpetual energy and things related, but keeps such thoughts to himself so as not to be thought a lunatic.  Daniel often struggles with depression and rage, nearly all of it against himself.  He feels most guilty for his immaturity in the face of his grandfather's death.  He has also made quite a few enemies in the London underworld and is wanted by at least two crime bosses.  For this reason, he sometimes uses the pseudonym Archimedes Ives when dealing with persons of questionable moral fiber.

He likes using his catch phrase, obvious though it may be.  "You can't escape the Inevitable!"
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Sir Nikolas of Vendigroth
« Reply #17 on: January 04, 2008, 05:46:22 pm »

Name: Marten Underwood

Age: 234

Nationality: Underwood was born somewhere in continental europe, more than two hundred years ago. His present existance, however began in Prague, two hundred years before our story begins, when he was bitten by a vampire, who wanted him as a minion. After retaining Underwood for approximately 70 years, the older vampire released him, and disappeared...

Physical appearance: Underwood is 6 feet tall, and rather thin, but no weakling. His eyes are almost colourless and his hair is coal-black, and cut short. His pale skin almost seems to glow in the dark. When out at night, Underwood dresses in a nondescript brown coat, with a silver pocketwatch chain. During the day, however, he needs to take greater precautions against the extremely hazardous effects of sunlight. If he ever decides to venture out of the underworld during the day, he wears a top hat, gloves, goggles, etcetera, and ensures no patch of skin is exposed, because the sun is dangerous, even in a smoggy city like London. Underwood's face is usually composed in an expression of indifference.

Profession: On the race occasions that he feels the need for a diversion, Underwood acts as a hired killer. The last time this happened was in 1847.

Some other notes: Underwood does not exactly revel in his existance, but takes due care to sustain it, meaning attacking (but rarely killing) a person every week or so. Underwood rarely attacks the richer members of society, due to the fact that any incident involving one of them would no doubt draw unnecessary attention to himself. Instead, he prefers to visit the slums of London in search for easier prey. Often, Underwood can be walking around the city at night, exploring, and occasionally crashing the odd party hosted by an influential citizen.
Underwood IS highly vulnerable to sunlight and also to normal wounds, but not as much as a normal human.
Underwood is NOT vulnerable to crosses, holy water or garlic, cannot transform, does not sleep in a coffin and in fact helped propagate these myths, simply for the entertainment. Every now and again, he tours europe, and occasionally allows a small, isolated village to "Discover him", simply for the pleasure of seeing the look on a potential vampire slayer's face when his cross does nothing.....
Underwood has calaimed part of London's underworld as his own, and enjoys the irony. During the day, he retires to a chamber, deep underground, lined with masonry. Over the course of his stay in london, he has acquired books (lots of books) and artworks, and has laid a small cable to provide power for electrical lamps.
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« Reply #18 on: January 06, 2008, 07:04:00 am »

     Name: "Countess" Lilli

     Nationality: Austrian, Viennese

    Age:mid 20's

     Profession: Wealthy Adventuress

     Background:  Born of a high-class courtesan and an Austrian nobleman, Lilli was well-educated in Austria.  She has a comfortable income from her father and has racketed around Europe being a young aristocrat of flexible morals and unusual interests.

     Appearance:  Red-haired, moderate height, voluptous figure.

Snr. Officer
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« Reply #19 on: January 17, 2008, 08:47:52 pm »

I'll jump in, if I may...

Name: Lakshmi Marleybone-Smythe

Nationality: British Indian Empire

Age: late 20s

Profession: Doctor, world traveler and socialite

Background: Lakshmi was raised on two continents and in two worlds; her father is a well-to-do official in the British East India Company, while her mother is descended from Mughal nobility. From an early age, she showed an interest in - and a gift for - medicine, which she developed through schooling in both the emerging science of Western medicine and ancient Indian ayurvedic knowledge.

Appearance: A beauty in the Vedic mode, Lakshmi blends the richness of traditional Indian dress with the elegance of Paris' haute monde.
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« Reply #20 on: February 11, 2008, 10:50:25 am »

I'm planning on slipping seemlessly in at some point, I'm not sure when, but here is my character in advance:

Name: Josiah Pendleton MD

Nationality (Place of Birth): English (Shrewsbury)

Age: 32

Profession: Medical Doctor and Cognitive Psychologist

Appearance: Despite his frequent visits to London, Dr. Pendleton wears clothing far better suited to his country practice - tweed hunting coats, breeches, riding boots and cravats in subdued autumnal colours.  He does not follow the convention of carrying a doctors' bag around with him, though he does carry a small pouch of bottles containing brightly-coloured liquids, the purpose of which he rarely discusses.  The only occasions on which he is ever seen without a stack of books and academic papers under his arm are when he has left them behind at his club, at pubs, his surgery, friends' drawing rooms, train carriages and Fortnum's tea room.  His physical appearance is that of a man of more years than he has seen.  His dark brown, untidy, leonine hair is lightening at the temples and he is often several days behind his shaving schedule.  Despite this he is fastidious in the turnout of his clothes and, for an academic and outspoken socialist, is embarrassingly ingratiating towards members of the higher orders.

Biography: Having spent a few short years in an auspicious Harley St. practice, thanks to the influence of his father, Sir Henry Pendleton MP, Josiah moved himself to a country practice near his home town in Shropshire.  Rumours in the London medical circles reported that he had been found to be supplying controlled psychoactive drugs to Gentlemen who should have known better, but he confessed himself that he had tired of treating elderly clients who were pathalogically afraid of death, and wanted time to expand and research his special interest in normal psychology.  He has taken up a position of general practice to a small town on the estate of Sir Charles Edwards, Bart., the residents of which he treats as a distraction from his studies, though he has developed a friendly association with Sir Charles and has accompanied him on several expeditions to exotic locations.
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« Reply #21 on: February 15, 2008, 07:21:20 am »

I am going to barrel right in because this looks like fun.
Name : Emmaline Lighton / Professor George Lewistine
Age : 20 / 24
Nationality (place of birth) : Boston / London
Physical appearance : Emmaline Lighton (Yay picture)
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Small mousy girl about five two with large round glasses that frame curious brown eyes.  Her shoulder length wavy brown hair is often half tamed back in to a messy bun stuck with pens and other things like a very useful porcupine.  Her clothes are similarly utilitarian in grays and navy with more pockets than you would think a person would need.  The most interesting piece is the utili-bustle of her own design with enough pockets and holsters to replace most tool boxes without looking too out of place even if she dose clank at times.  Emmaline is never entirely sure what is hidden in some of the less frequently used pockets. She has a habit of picking up anything she finds might come in handy, stashing it away in some pocket and promptly forgetting all about it.

Is never seen without her steel goggles with violet tented glass either on her head or around her neck.  Emma is also often seen with earings that look like odd horns that wrap around the back of her ears ending with a flower like flare. She claims they are a communication device connecting her with Professor George Lewistine a scientific maverick and inventor who has gotten himself stuck in a realm in the aether far removed from our own. Most people are quite sure she is mad but her work is excellent and her prices fair so they don't talk of her state of mind much.  Emma is a lefty and Lewsistine is a rightey so it is not odd at all to see her scribbling away with both hands on two different subjects.

Professor George Lewistine (Yay picture)
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
A long limbed awkward man easily six one with stringy black hair and watery blue eyes.  Paces quite a bit when agitated or in thought. Is still wearing the gray tweed waistcoat, high wasted black pants, cream silk shirt with hopelessly stained cuffs and the slightly burned lab coat that he was wearing the moment his aether generator took a turn for the odd. Seams not to have aged since the accident almost two years ago. 

He has all the information in the aether at his fingertips but he lives like a ghost unable to touch this world.  They are looking for a solution to this and use the money they make to further their endeavors.  When Emma places the goggles over her eyes he takes over and her whole mannerisms change completely.  She hates doing this and they fight quite a bit about it. 

Profession / job title
Together they form a very efficient(when not being dysfunctional) scientific consulting team.  Need something specialized that no one else has?  Have a problem that is driving the best minds you can find up the wall?  Have a crazy scheme everyone else says is imposable?  If you have the money Lighton and Lewistine may have just the solution you are looking for.(though you may have to get over the fact that Lighton talks to herself continuously and Lewistine may not exist) 

Emma grew up in the poorer sections of Boston with seven bothers and sisters. Infatuated with acting she booked passage to London to chance her dream.   Lewistine was a brilliant inventor fresh from collage but unable to find a backer so he resorted to performing flashy scientific demonstrations in a rundown theater just barely clinging to a fashionable address.  Emma answered an add in the paper about an assistant and was hired on the spot.  She was ecstatic to find work so easily in a foreign city.  Unfortunately she later found out part of her job was suffering the indignation of being shot at, zapped and nearly exploded on a regular basis when the Professor's inventions failed to live up to expectations.  After two performances she decided to learn what she could about science if only to have some sort of idea what the professor kept going on about.

She was an apt pupil and Lewistine was amazed that someone could bare to listen to his babble so he taught her all he knew.  Between the two of them there were fewer utter failures on stage and  the mayhem was more controlled.  There first joint invention a generator capable of pulling energy from the aether was having a wonderful unveiling when everything went wrong.  The machine exploded putting her in the hospital and making him vanish to parts unknown. 

After she got out of the hospital the theater refused to take her back. Spending her last bit of money on a lodging house Emma fell in to a fit full sleep.  She woke to find her hands moving all on their own fashioning tiny silver tubes.  When she put them on she could hear Lewistine talking to her clear as day. And so stared a rather tumultuous partnership.

Things were moving smoothly until they decided to take a commission to improve the engine speed of a merchant vessel called The Eastern Star.  The captain had them board the ship to give an estimate and to talk of the work to be done over dinner.  Emma eat rich food and was persuaded to try a little wine and she was soon asleep.

When she woke they were in the air far from her home. The had an emergency delivery in France to take care of and it was too late to send her back. At first The captain Hieronymus and crew were sweeter than honey and promised she could be home as soon as their business was done. The captain apologized profusely and offered her and afternoon in Paris to make up for the surprise journey.

Emma accepted she had all ways wanted to see Paris and the captain was such a gentleman. They found a book with the notes of a French scientist detailing his discoveries in the Aether.  She was ecstatic with this Lewistine could yet be pulled from the aether and given his body back.  The captain offered her the chance to work on his ship and her new discovery at the same time without any extra expense.  She took the offer and spent the next five months working as hard as she could.  The captain stayed by her side and charmed her thoroughly. 

Lewistine woke her up late one night and showed her the captain was not the man she thought he was.  He was going to use her invention to put another man bodily in to the aether to act as a most devastating spy.  Her sweet captain was some kind of criminal.  Heartbroken and frightened she destroyed the machine, stole all the notes on it she could find and took the life balloon as far from the ship as it's construction would allow.  It only took him a week to start the chase and she has been running ever since.
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« Reply #22 on: February 25, 2008, 11:12:57 pm »

Seeing as Lamont is doing a lot of the legwork for the Colonel, and has evolved past an almost NPC role, I suppose he should gte a bio of his own...

Name:  Lamont  - goes by that one name only. Dropped the surname Marleybone after killing his human father.
Age -   indeterminate, human standards of age do not apply
Nationality - British, of the auld folk, the sidhe
Physical Appearance - tall, and lean, pale complexion, with eyes that are emerald green. Hair is fine and black, no beard or facial hair.
                               slender, angular face. Dresses mostly in blacks, with a wide-brimmed hat and cape.

Lamont is a changeling, a part sidhe baby left in the place of a stolen human child. He was raised by his human father Dr. Henry William Marleybone, and eminent London surgeon. Lamont , while technically a member of the race of sidhe, is mostly dark elf. Thus as he grew, the elvish chacteristics of glamour and cruelty grew in him. His father had started his education as a surgeon, but soon discovered that Lamont put those skills to other darker uses. Eventually this led to a violent disagreement and Lamont killed his human father. Lamont was then discovered by the Colonel, who offered him a unique palce in his organization, one that suited his particular skills well, and gave him opportunity to use them.
  Lamont's sidhe background has given him several unique attributes.
    - he has no heartbeat.
    - Lamont has superior intellect and cunning.
    - while he cannot make himself invisible, in a real sense, he can use his powers of glamour to make himself very hard to be seen, To a human, he sems to appear or dissapear very quickly, but this effect is not widespread. He cannot mask himself completely in a crowd,  but merely to those in direct eye contact.
    - he posesses great physical strength
    - he knows the small magics, and secrets of the elves, sidhe and auld folk, and is conversant in their languages. An example is the secret of fairy gold,  coins or metal that appear real, but fade the next dawn to smoke.
    - he can discern, to a limited degree, the thoughts of humans he converses with. He can sense truth in a persons statements.
    - he does not age at a normal rate.
    - Unlike most of the fey races, Lamont, CAN touch and handle iron.

Lamont is the Colonles senior "operative" or henchman/enforcer. His loyalty to the Colonel is unbreakable, having been bound to the Colonel's service by an ancient rite and spell.  He is an interrogator of unmatched skill and cruelty, and seldom fails in that task
Jessica Butcher
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« Reply #23 on: February 26, 2008, 05:33:39 pm »

Seeing as how Oliver is, after all, my character, I would like to post a bio for him for future reference.

Name: Oliver Newton-Chance
Age: Around 36
Nationality: American
Physical appearance: Tall and thin, usually quite dishevelled. Oliver is an albino, with very long white-blond hair and blue (not red) eyes. He wears a pair of thick tortoiseshell-rimmed spectacles, with goggles over them in situations requiring goggles. Very strange-looking, but rather handsome.
Profession: Inventor and sometimes paranormal researcher
Personality/Bio: Oliver is quiet, cynical, self-deprecating, and extremely intelligent. He far prefers lab work to swashbuckling adventure, but has a strong sense of duty and will do what he deems necessary. Like Jessica, he works for the Seattle-based monster hunter Jonothan Hart in-between airship adventures. Has a lab assistant at home named Rowena Wong, whom he currently hates but will eventually marry.
Robert Alexander
« Reply #24 on: February 26, 2008, 10:44:31 pm »

Name :Major Redmond Brock
Age :32
Physical appearance :He is 6ft 4in tall. Dark blond hair that is kept short yet long enough to part on one side. Short cropped beard and mustache. slender yet powerful build. He has a scare that runs from the bridge of his nose over his left cheek at an angle. He has light brown eyes. his right arm from the elbow down is mechanical with a ray gun mounted mid-way down.
Profession / job title:He is a Major in the 13th Regiment of Flight in the British Marines. Has served since he was 18.
Biography : Brock (as he typically goes by) is the eldest son of a wealthy English lord. At the age of 18 he perused a corer in the Royal Marines serving on airships. over time he has risen through the ranks and is now a Major. He has fought is several wars and many battles. The scare on his face is from a dueling match in which he defend the honor of the Crown. His right arm was lost during the boredring of any enemy zeppelin when the boiler room exploded. He and his men are posted on military vesicles and can be deployed where ever needed. They also specialize in the bordeing of enemy airships.
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