Author Topic: We all live in a rusty submarine (OOC)  (Read 2396 times)


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We all live in a rusty submarine (OOC)
« on: July 30, 2015, 01:09:46 am »
Mira Dakkar was just helping to clean up the house of her late grandfather, when she discovered something amazing. Mysterious schematics for a submarine, and a carefully detailed journal of her great great grandfather. In it, Mira's great great grandfather revealed that he would forever renounce the surface world and become "No man". Mira suddenly realized that these were the writings of none other than Captain Nemo!

Yet no one would believe her. They all said that her great-great grandfather perished in the siege of Dakkar. But she's a stubborn girl, and she's out to prove them wrong! Using her sizable inheritance, Mira built a replica of the submarine in the notes (With a few modern upgrades). Now all she needs is a crew. If you like adventure in the briny deep, come join the crew! Just fill out a Bio like this:

Name: "Captain" Doctor Mira Dakkar (She never actually got her captain's license, but she really is a doctor.)

Age: 27

Abilities: Doctorate of Oceanography, heir to a large fortune, an unquenchable thirst for adventure and a desire to figure out what happened to her mysterious ancestor. Commander of the NMS (No man's ship) Cuttlefish. Recently discovered how to use pistols. Decent mechanical skills, okay cook.

We'll start the official roleplay on August 23rd or when we have four players whichever comes first.