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Author Topic: Armoury Posting Guidelines  (Read 2932 times)
Siliconous Skumins
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« on: July 28, 2015, 10:55:18 pm »

Guns and the display & discussion thereof:

Forum Rules (link) regarding guns:

On the matter of guns. Guns were indeed used by people of the eras Steampunk heavily borrows from. Discussion of period-appropriate weaponry is therefore on-topic. Additionally, fantastical weapons are common props and plot devices in the Steampunk world; discussion of these types of weapons, their construction and "theories" of operation, etc. are on-topic.  Discussion of modern weapons is off-topic and strongly discouraged.

Discussion of laws/regulations/etc. around weaponry is almost always problematic and off-topic (see the politics section below). On-topic exceptions might be informational posts related to carrying prop/period weapons -- for example, informing people travelling in Steampunk attire of what various locales and facilities allow/etc.  A good rule of thumb is that any discussion of what "ought to be" is political, likely to get heated quickly, and therefore very likely to be locked or deleted.

The Forum Rules are applicable to the forum as a whole, and cover all forum boards. Forum Rules can be found here (link)

Moderators will abide by the rules as set out in this guide.

The "Real World" is the physical universe outside of the Internet. As such, any applicable real world Laws regarding weapons in your country should be considered when posting on this board.

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