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Author Topic: new rp based on a short novel.  (Read 1050 times)
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airship pirate

« on: March 30, 2015, 06:38:01 pm »

this rp is classic steampunk please give it a chance as some of you will think it is overdone.

Imagine, if you can, London in disrepair, but not to the naked eye, little things, the gentry not as well dressed, ladies dresses slightly out of season. The workers and the factory owners alike, distracted, this is the death of London. The military have almost complete control, the aristocracy remain blissfully unaware, their view obscured by the gifts and praises rained upon them from the military leaders.
Air pirates have risen against the military dominance of the skies. I am Joshua Natsworthy, this is the world i live in. I seek a crew for my ship, Hester Shaw, will you join me and fly? will you fight for freedom?

there would be a minimum of 2 members per crew 16 max. no set loyalties feel free to betray and mutiny, some people to play the military would add some great depth.

largest gun allowed to be owned by character is a proto-gatling rifle in long range, howdah pistol in close and ray guns can be used but at most they burn, ships may only use propellant based firearms. (we need some grounding).

i hope to see you in the skies.

capt. J. Natsworthy signing off

Someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill 'em right back.
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