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Meatpunk:OCC And Game Bible Thread
« on: February 23, 2015, 02:41:44 am »
I have this idea for a steampunk|biopunk hybrid forum rp strategy game when we play the members of the factions of a WWI fight with insectoid mutants (think Leviathan Meet H.R Giger) . The concept originality came of the use of the idling game Swarm Simulator (link shall be given when the game will officially begin) as the main economical and units building tool.


What if....

What if Newcomen was a entologist instead of a engineer ?

What if the industrial revolution was powered by the genetic manipulation of insects instead of steam ?

1914: Archduke Ferdinand has been assasinated, exploding the abcess of national rivalitys and unleashing the monstrositys of the allieds and the central power over Europe. To arm ,my liege ! For King And Country, it is time to put in march the unholiest of mass production and raise your swarm.

Game Rule

-In case it was unclear, you using Swarm Simulator to build your units. In the game they used to collect a ressource named ''territory'' but i see the potential to use it in a forum rp like this one.

-In the rp , ''territorys'' is the ones used by your living industrial complex.

-Each post will contain up to two parts: roleplay written normally and your potential attack commands  in italics.

-Send me daily in mp a screencap  of your units so i can be aware of the state of your army.

- Everybody have the right to use three times a special ability named ''espionage''. In they commands, they just have to say '' spying (insert country name)'' and i will send the day's units screencap  of the targeted country.

- ''Espionage'' can be countered with the ability ''counter-espionage'' who can be used two times by writing ''counter (country) spying'' in the command. I shall wait for this command a half hour after notice of the use of ''espionage'' before giving the screencap to the spying country.

- Battles will happen this way: i will calculate the total of the belligerents attack points and the higher number win.

- A week=a month. The faction who won the more battles in 51 weeks and 2 day(a aproximative conversion of the lenght in months of WWI) win the game. After that, we are either free to make a reboot or a sequel setted in WWII

Units Chart
Goon: +11 attack each
       devourer:+10 attack each    
   wasp:+9 attack each      
 chilopodomorph:+8 attack
   giant arachnomorph: +7 attack
  roach:+6 attack
  locust: +5 attack each      
  culicimorph:+4 attack each    
  arachnomorph:+3 attack   each
  stinger:+2 attack  
  swarmling:+1 attack  each    
(to be updated in measure i explore the game|our improvised economical calculator)

Character Chart

Ruler Name: Your character name.
Country Name: as said in the title.
Province|States and Colonys:
Faction: Allied or Central Power
Country History:
Country Culture:

Anybody interested ? Any suggestions for improving the rp system ?
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