Author Topic: The Inn of Ill Omen (a Left Hand Path meta-club)  (Read 2956 times)


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The Inn of Ill Omen (a Left Hand Path meta-club)
« on: September 08, 2014, 12:52:02 am »
I've seen several meta-clubs open for people of various sexual, religious, and lifestyle choices, so I've taken the liberty of opening this fine little board to member of Brassgoggles who define themselves as being members of  a Left Hand Path religion of spiritual practice.

(In the interests of disclosure, I myself identify as a solitary Theistic Satanist.)

Satanists both theistic and non, 'Dark Pagans', Left Hand Path occultists, worshippers of dark and forbidden gods, be welcome to a place where you may meet peers who share your interest in steam and shadows alike. Enter freely and of your own will, pull up a chair, and settle in.

EDIT: Shoulda called this the Hellfire Club, would have been perfect. Ah, hindsight.
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