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Author Topic: Which 5 people - dead or alive - would you ask to dinner (and why)?  (Read 1066 times)
Deck Hand
United Kingdom United Kingdom

All stars are there to shine!

« on: August 22, 2014, 02:54:56 pm »

I'll start you off!

Isambard Kingdom Brunel- I just imagine he'd provide the most though-provoking discussion on engineering.
Nikola Tesla- Just a fascinating character who I admire every day!
Seebohm Rowntree- A wonderful person who changed so many lives.
Roald Dahl- Because you always need a chocolate factory; writers also provide great discussion!
My Grandfather, Charles Alfred Walker, who I never knew (a POW in WWII) - apparently he had many of the same interests as I do.

Cogs and wheels and sprockets and springs
Metal and leather and beautiful things
Brass sculpted treasures, copper and lead
Your ideas are alive, though your century's dead

Zeppelin Overlord
United States United States

« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2014, 05:50:37 am »

An eclectic bunch, for me Smiley  I'd cook.  I suspect there would be liquor involved.

Albert Einstein - "Imagination is more important than Knowledge".

Joseph Campbell - the 'Mythology guy' - "Follow Your Bliss".

Lenny Bruce - the "first" comedian to truly-outrage public opinion in the US.  One of his obscenity trial defenses: "Yes, I called him 'a prick'. Based on the dictionary definition, do you think I was saying 'he is a man's penis' OR 'he is an unpleasant person' ?"

Jim Henson - perhaps the most imaginative artist of the past century. Just watch "The Dark Crystal"

Norma Jeane Mortenson (i.e. "Marilyn Monroe") - a 'famous' person whose inner person seems much more interesting than the public persona


Jeremiah Cornelius Harlock
At Your Service

"It's so hard to know if you're bound for a fall,
But better to have tripped than never danced at all."
"Dancing Under The Rose" - The Albion Band.
Zeppelin Captain
Australia Australia

« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2014, 08:09:36 am »

Jack Kerouac, writers make good for good conversation, and poetry after dinner with drinks is a very good thing indeed.
Marilyn Monroe, always has fascinated me for what I hear of her real personality, Someone I would very much have liked to have met and got to know.
Ernest Hemingway,  is God, I need say nothing else, for all round palship, discussion, drinking games after dinner, and drunk boxing etc etc
Albert Camus, Philosophers makes for good discussion, and there is nothing like discussing philosophy and poetry over dinner and a few drinks.
Coco Chanel, for business discussions and inspiration.
AS you can see from my choices, you can sort of get a really good picture of me and what I am like as a person.

I am what I am because I am, an Entrepreneur, Villain, Student and Mastermind
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