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Author Topic: Steampunk Away Grand Opening  (Read 891 times)
Steampunk Away
Zeppelin Captain
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Long Live The Icarus!
« on: June 07, 2014, 12:05:21 am »

We have been here for a few months and finally have a significant amount of wares!

First, we have the Goth Box. The cross is hand designed, and the box is aged. We are asking $25 for it, and it is a large box.

Next, we have the Rose Box. The Rose is hand designed, and the box is aged and lined with felt to hold two of our pistols we have in stock, but it can be changed to fit what you need and the color of the felt can be changed. We are asking $20 for it, and it is a medium box.

This item is the Hanging belt. It is 100% handmade from leather, and hand-dyed also. It is meant to be a little loose, and is 42" long. We are asking $40 dollars for it, and $45 if the back is dyed.

This fourth item is a holster for a NERF gun. It is 100% handmade out of leather and hand-dyed. Snaps can be placed on it to a preference, or a loop added in the back for a belt. We are asking $30 for it, and this style of holster can be made for most NERF guns.

This item is a vambrace made of 100% leather and is hand made and dyed. It is engraved with an intertwining pattern, but any type of pattern wanted will be available. We are asking $50 for it, size details can be arranged, as can hold type and lace color.

This revolver is the Brassfire. It is an 8 shot cap gun, that is hand-painted. We are asking $18.50 for it, and a holster or box can be made for an additional fee.

This pair of pistols is Jarvis and Jalaam, with the one on the right being Jarvis, and the one on the right being Jalaam. They are 8 shot cap guns that are hand painted, and can be sold separately. We are asking
$9.50 for each, and $18 for both (excluding holsters). These pistols go with the Rose box, and can be fitted in their holster for an additional $15 (for the two).

Our final item is the Sledgefire. It is a three-at-once NERF shotgun, that is also very agile. It comes fully hand-painted, and with a functional, purposely cracked compass on the bottom. It comes with painted shells, but no darts. We are asking $75 dollars for it as is, with a small fee added for engraving the empty spaces (if wanted).

All items can be sold with a back story on aged paper for a $3 fee, shipping and handling is payed by the buyer, with no excess shipping fee, only what the post office wants! Tongue

For inquires contact us at

Have a mechanical day from,

Captain Retep, and Lady Kaitlynn

Welcome aboard Steampunk Away! We are a small custom order shop, creating jewelry, props, costumes, drawings, and models. Email us at to have us create your special order on commission! Have a mechanical day!
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