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Author Topic: SteamCraft RPG Kickstarter: The Supplements Edition  (Read 890 times)
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« on: May 28, 2014, 10:51:13 pm »

Perilous Journeys is pleased to announce the launch of SteamCraft RPG: The Supplements Edition Kickstarter.  The purpose of the Kickstarter is to speed up the development and release of supplement for SteamCraft.  Increasing the number of products has the added benefit of increasing our distribution opportunities for Europe. 

The reward tiers are designed to cater to new and existing SteamCraft fans, so those lacking the core rules or other released products will be able to secure them with this Kickstarter. 

You can view the project here:

Closing Date: June 22nd, 2014 11:59 PM CDT

Initial Funding Goal

$850 – Wake the Dead Trilogy [Funded]
Wake the Dead is a SteamCraft adventure trilogy written by Philip A. Lee. This tale introduces players to muckers, specialists brought in to do off-the-books work for corporations, law enforcement, or anyone willing to pay for an unconventional solution to a potentially embarrassing problem. Muckers do the dirty work so that law enforcement, militia, and other employers can keep their own hands clean.

Stretch Goals

All backers will receive the following rewards as PDF when we reach the required level of funding. 

$1100 - Ironskeep Introductory Adventure [Funded]
An introductory adventure written by David Ellenberger, designed to help players learn the game while exploring the city of Ironskeep and the surrounding deserts. After arriving in the city to seek their fortune, the characters are hired to assist a man retrieve his daughter from a group of slavers. What seems a simple task will ensnare the characters in the ongoing political and economic struggles of the city.

$2000 – Red River Plains Supplement
When this goal is met, the Ironskeep adventure will be expanded into a mini-campaign setting. It will include details about Ironskeep, Harper’s Ferry, and the surrounding areas. This content will be merged with the Ironskeep adventure to produce a single product.

$4250 – Muckers/Players Guide
This expansion gives the inside scoop from the mucker’s perspective about various aspects of the SteamCraft setting.

$6500 – New Arcadia Metro Supplement
This develops the plots and city details of the New Arcadia Metropolitan area. It will include details about the geography, history, city neighborhoods, shops, NPC, corporations, guilds, and the government. It will develop the plot lines that are the core rules as well as the expansion material.

About SteamCraft

In the spirit of Gibson and Sterling's The Difference Engine, SteamCraft takes you to an alternate, dystopian world where gears, goggles, and airships dominate life. The Industrial Age is joined by an early Information Age, combining into a gritty world where corporations use technological advances to amass hordes of wealth and power at the expense of the working class. Meanwhile, technomages' ability to create by mixing magic with machine lurches ahead of their wisdom to control their creations. Just as Shadowrun mixes cyberpunk and fantasy, SteamCraft mixes steampunk and fantasy. The scientific wonders of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells mix with fantasy elements like dwarves and elves. The result is a world filled with ancient horrors as well as man-made beasts, such as Clockwork Beholders. The game mechanics use an intuitive percentile system. The game is skill-based and does not have classes or levels. Players can create any type of steampunk character they want using our point-based character creation system.

Previous Kickstarter

Many of you have hesitation about backing Kickstarters.  This is our second Kickstarter, and with our first one we met our goals pretty much on time and that is with the books arriving late.  We set November as a goal for the books, and all of the books were shipped by December 10th.   With our experience, we anticipate doing an even better job this time. 

For more details about the rewards, the project, and to pledge, please click:

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