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Author Topic: The Mekanists - MY NEW STORY - PLEASE READ WITH LOVE!  (Read 1425 times)

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« on: April 26, 2014, 03:53:06 am »

THIS IS MY FIRST STORY!!!!Hello all, I am THE AMAZING, THE AWESOME AND THE COOL KID EVERYONE LOVES - THE STEAM BOY I was wondering if anyone wants to read my new story. If you want, edit it and send it back to me
The Steam Boy
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The Amazing Mechwalker of Fort Angel
The Steam Boy

   Captain Leonidas “Jim” Smiley was a famous man, known for his impressive prowess and strategy in war. As a captain of the Mekanist forces, he was well known to the men around Fort Angel. But, he was also known for something other than his great war strategies, he was known for two vices, gambling and drinking. Captain Smiley’s gambling streak was well known throughout the fort. Captain Smiley prided himself in winning every bet that was known to man, such as when  he bet on whether or not a steambird could beat a gear spider in a race. He, of course, won that bet.
   This year, however, Captain Smiley was not so lucky. At the Copper Gear Tavern, Smiley was drunk, raving about how he could win any bet. That is when I stepped in. My name is John Wheeler, but in this military camp, I was under the alias of “Randy Omst Ranger”, or literally “Random Stranger”. Hearing him brag of his amazing prowess, and how he never lost a bet, I decided to speak to him.
“I have a wager for you Mr.Smiley,”I yelled across the tavern. As he turned around, I saw the face of the drunken man. He had a thick face with a very red nose, cloudy brown eyes, and red shabby hair covering his goggles with a 5 o’clock shadow forming rebelliously. “Who said that,” roared the drunken captain incredulously. I stood, and everyone in the tavern turned to look at me, I was a average height man with spiked brown hair, and bright green eyes, glaring at the drunken man. I wore a typical traveler’s outfit, complete with a brown leather trenchcoat complete with black oil stains. “I said that” I said, my voice firm, just below a shout. He stared me down, his brown eyes slightly clearing as his mind focused on something more interesting than the strong whiskey he drank.
   He stumbled over to me and got in my face. I could smell the strong scent of alcohol on his breath. “What is your wager” he said the anger as strong as the putrid smell of the whiskey he was wafting into my nose. “I bet forty goldens that….,”I said, unsure of what I could beat him at. “You bet what,” he said angrily. “I bet you forty goldens that you cannot beat me in a mechwalker race,” I responded, my tone level and strong. He laughed, “You realize I have the fastest Mechwalker this side of London, right boy,”? I nodded, but never took my eyes off of his cloudy ones. He laughed again, “Alright, meet me at the flag at 5 o’clock sharp, kid”. I nodded, took up my leather fedora and left.
The next day, I awoke to the sound of the morning bell. I sat up in my solo-zeppelin, and sighed. I had not forgotten my challenge to the drunken captain, but I had reason to worry, I didn't own a mechwalker.  I threw on my button-up shirt, a leather vest, some mechanic’s pants, and  donned my two favorite things in the world, my trenchcoat and fedora. Checking the time, I saw that I had three hours until the race, and I wish I had three years until the race, so I could escape into the mists of the sky. Closing the door to my room, I stood on the deck of my ship called “The Gray Pigeon”, and looked off of the side, and saw the small Fort Angel, tranquil in the smog of the fireplaces, warming the soldiers who would be eating breakfast. I walked up the steps of my ship and opened up the door to the navigation room, and pulled the ascension lever down, sending my craft downward, toward the fort.
   When I landed at the Sky-Docks, I was met by some soldiers who knew I had no mechwalker. “Come with me” one of them commanded me. I nodded, and followed him, down to the ground of Fort Angel. There stood a mechwalker shop, with Captain Smiley standing outside of it. His mechwalker, clad in the Mekanist colors of red, black and gold, towered above us. It was mostly legs, created from an old Bastion mega-mechwalker, created when the mutant giants struck London, and parts from a newer, smaller Stratos mechwalker. But the engine, required to move the giant legs, stuck outside of the the back of it, exposing vital parts. Captain Smiley noticed me admiring the craft. “I call it the Aeon” he said prideful of his handmade craft.
   Smiley looked at me and laughed. I noticed his eyes were sharper than last night, meaning he was sober, and ready to race. The other soldiers left, leaving me and Smiley alone. The haughty captain looked around and laughed again “Where is your mechwalker”? I laughed back at him, “must have left them in my other pants”, I replied nonchalantly. His smiled faded, and he turned his back on me. “Wait here, I will get you a mechwalker” he said snarling. He walked into the store without looking at me.
   I looked all around me, there was nobody around, so I got to work. Taking out the dagger I had made myself, I took to cutting the oil pipes on the back of the Mechwalker. I heard people coming around the corner of the shop, so I moved quickly away from it, acting as if I was waiting impatiently for Smiley to exit the shop. Finally the sound of the bell on the door rang, signaling that the bay door was going to open.
The clerk strode out of the shop, riding the mechwalker out of the bay doors. It was a simple F-Class Zenith Mechwalker, one of the Smallest, and moderately fast, due to the fact that it had astronomically small legs compared to most  models. I nodded to the clerk, and he hit a button, deploying him from the back of the Zenith Mechwalker as it crouched. I stepped up to the back and put my feet in the leg hatch, and pulled the lever above me.When I pulled it, the leg hatch pulled steel up to my calf securing my legs, and allowing me to maneuver it.
Pulling the second lever on my left, it pulled me into the pilot’s cabin and it sat me in the chair. Grabbing the steersticks, I was ready to move and to race this upstart of a captain. I turned to ignition key, torquing it as fast as possible while pulling on the coal pump lever, starting the mechwalker. Its dials activated, telling me it’s oil pressure, fuel and coal reserves. I pulled up on the steersticks, pulling the Zenith up from it’s crouch. I tested a maneuver a friend had showed me a few years ago when I learned the art of Mechwalker Warring. The maneuver left the Mechwalker in a very heroic pose, raising it’s gun arm to the sky, and the other on it’s hip.
Captain Smiley looked unimpressed as he looked at the pose I had struck. He laughed, hit a hidden button on the front left leg, and the Mechwalker went into a kneeling stance, kneeling as if Captain Smiley was it’s king. The cockpit of the Mechwalker opened up to Smiley, allowing him to step into the pilot’s seat. The captain hit a couple levers, sat in the seat, and pulled the steersticks up. The robot groaned in retaliation as it creaked into a standing stance. A soldier came and stood between the giant metal beasts and gave us three fingers, then two…… “GOOOOOOO” yelled Smiley over the radio to me, and he and I thrusted the steersticks forward. I looked over at Captain Smiley’s Mechwalker. The Aeon took two large strides, and then suddenly atrophied, and face planted.
I ran my mechwalker as fast as possible, then turned onto the street under the Sky Docks. I boosted under the docks and hit the big red button with “EJECT” inscribed on it. I was thrown from the Mechwalker at an amazing speed, hurtling toward the Sky Dock. For show, I somersaulted on to the platform and ran toward my ship. But Captain Smiley stopped me before I jumped on my ship, with a hefty palm on my chest. He was beet-red in anger, and his other fist flew at my head. Ducking, I rolled under his fist, and landed a strong jab into his massive gut. He keeled over in pain, giving me an opening to his backside. I landed my shoulder on his back, splaying him out on the deck.
I heard a set of footsteps behind me I flipped around to see two soldiers running at me, full speed ahead. I pulled a small metal cylinder from my pouch, and hit a button on it. The small cylinder turned into a six-foot pole in my hands. I grasped one end, and swung it, tripping the first man. I then grabbed the middle and then bashed the other man in the head, laying him out. I then sprinted and jumped onto my boat, ran into the control room and pulled the ascension lever up, moving me to the clouds above, and off to the unknown.
The End
(For Now - Ask me for more stories!)

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