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Author Topic: Dr. LeGear or, How I Traveled to the W[sup]2[/sup]BSMFP13 and Began to Love Stea  (Read 992 times)
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« on: April 22, 2014, 11:27:51 pm »

Dr. LeGear or, How I Traveled to the W2BSMFP13 and Began to Love Steampunk

I recently posted a steam/dieselpunk-ish weapon in “A Collective Thread for All Them Guns Pt. II”.  Below is (the first, quite rough, draft of) my retelling of how I acquired said weapon. 

Like the weapon, one could posit the experience related here is not steampunk, per se.  However, the contraband items recovered there and still to be shared are, and will be for the most part, relatively “steamy”. 

Here then is my story.  Prithee enjoy it, gentleladies and gentlemen:

I continue to struggle with finding the words to describe the events of that day but feel I must share my story.  I share it to let others know of the existence of the portal and, should I not return from my next excursion there, to explain my absence from this world.

It began as a simple, sunset walk in the woods near my home following an emotionally exhausting day at work…something I’d done countless times before.  But this day, everything changed.

I’d been walking for about an hour in the cool, Fall air, the deep leaves encasing my feet, rustling with my every step.  The sun was just about to be swallowed up by the horizon, but its dying light brilliantly bathed everything it touched.  The gently rolling, wooded terrain, the once strong, now nearly invisible, ragged fence line, the fallen, decaying trees…all reflected back to the source a deep, scarlet-amber radiance.

I had just wound my way down one hillock and was prepared to climb the next when, resting in the cleavage of a long-arid streambed to catch my breath, I saw it…a faint shimmer, not unlike that seen when light is bent by heat waves rising off a scorching dessert or blazing fire.  But this was no dessert, there was no fire.

While the phenomenon was unlike anything I’d ever experienced, the abnormality complete unique, I did not fear it or consider turning away.  Instead, I was drawn to it, compelled by it.  I moved slowly toward the beckoning cleft amid the commonness and it seemed to move toward me.

Without hesitation, as the interface seemed inevitable, I entered this…(what can I call it?)...this gateway, this portal.  Or, perhaps better said, it entered me!

There was no sound, save the thundering of my heart and my gasps in simultaneous response to the beauty of the scene and my body adapting to the atmosphere.  I was engulfed in a violet vista, a lavender landscape.  Each breath I drew filled not just my lungs by my entire being with a rich-ness, an enervation I’d never known.  I felt as if THIS…not what I’d lived before, but THIS, was life.

I saw, in the distance, a ridge of deeper hue than its surroundings.  I decided to walk to it but found, as soon as the thought was formed in my mind, I was there!  I’d not taken a physical step, yet I’d moved effortlessly to my destination.

Before I could begin to process this strange occurrence, I saw a pair of weathered, wooden doors set into the knoll…doors which, of course, I suddenly found myself standing before.  Did I will the doors open or did some entity bid them open for me?  No matter.  They spread themselves wide and I found myself in a cavern lined with what must have been thousands of doors.  From the main grotto branched myriad more passageways, each replete with countless more apertures…some of them doors, others hatches, others simply gaping holes with no covering.

It was in this massive, subterranean system I heard the first sounds of this world.  Each tributary resonated with its own, exclusive, intonation.  There were chirps, there were hums, there were buzzings and groans and, dare I say, laughter?

I found my way to what I believe must have been the hub of all those tentaculiferous sub-caverns, the heart of these many arteries.  There the various, individual tonalities merged into a beautiful, aural tapestry.  Without willing it, without intending it, I was pulled (or pushed?) into the very center of this intersection where I was immediately surrounded by static and moving images…scenes far different from anything I’d seen above or felt in the underground chambers previously.  I was exposed to silent representations of violence and destruction, of desolation and annihilation. 

The terrible tableau blinked to a close and I found myself facing a large, keyhole shaped breach in the rock wall.  As I entered, wall-borne torches began to emit luminescent blue-green vapors allowing me to see the contents of the room.  Devices of every description, and many BEYOND description lined seemingly endless shelves and filled tables.  Most were weapons and most of the weapons were what I can best describe as “firearms”. 

Many of the items in that room were accompanied by illustrated scrolls which, I assume, detailed their function and operation.  The scrolls, however, were annotated with a language foreign to me… containing symbols as yet undecipherable to me.

Unnerved by the horrifying images and amazed by the vast arsenal in just this one room (of thousands!), I began to try to make sense of it all…my being taken (via teleportation?  temporal-portation?) to a placid, gorgeous land atop a den depicting mayhem and overflowing with weaponry? 

Where was I?  WHEN was I?  Why was I?

While I am a pacifist in the places and time I know, I surveyed the chamber for equipment which might protect me below or above the surface.  I came upon a toboggan-like craft piled with weapons and various other gear I hoped would suffice.  Its weight exceeded my strength so I off-loaded the largest, most mysterious items until I could drag it by a rope tied around my waist. 

Was it triggered by the groaning grating of the sledge runners against the rocky cave floor?  Was the transport itself rigged with some sort of anti-theft device?  I may never know.  However, as I reached the nerve-center of the cavern a gruesome scream overcame the sounds I’d heard before and everything around me began to heave and quake.  I felt as if I was being torn asunder, molecule by molecule… every physical and emotional aspect of myself disintegrating. 

And then, it was over.  I awoke, half buried in dry leaves in the desiccated remains of a creek bed in the rift between two timbered hills near my home, the faintest pink light of the sunrise blooming in the Eastern sky.   I tried to rise but was only able to lift my head and shoulders off the ground…I seemed anchored to the Earth.  I feared I was paralyzed, then realized my tether was neither neurological nor terrestrial.  I had a rope around my waist…a rope tied to a wooden sled overloaded with my bounty from that time, that place, that existence, that world I now call Wild Wild Battle Star Myst-erious
Fringe Portal 13 (W2BSMFP13)…A time, a place, an existence, a world to which I must return…to attempt to unravel the riddles, to seek answers to the questions.
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