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Author Topic: Keeping Death In Check  (Read 7341 times)
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« Reply #200 on: August 21, 2016, 05:40:44 am »

I've cut potato out mostly, I have a bag of crisps once in a while. I took a vitamin c supplement for a few weeks and it seemed to have helped a bit, I also took it with a calcium and vitamin D supplement as all three supposedly increase absorption and effectiveness, and all three are things my diet is weak in.

The twitchiness is decreased though not completely gone, mainly showing up when I overwork muscles that have been neglected from illness this long (or when I jinx myself by thinking about it lol). I'm still having issues with steadiness of the hands.

Also minimised the joint pains, though some mornings are rough and some days if I over work myself. All but for one factor. My left shoulder. hurts when I lay down (hurts if I'm on it, hurts if I'm on my back sometimes, and hurts when my arm is positioned while I'm on the other arm). I have good days where it's not so bad if I just use the shoulder sparingly, but I also have bad days where drying my armpit or applying deoderant feels like somebody hit my shoulderblade with a hammer... claw side.

also had to cut back on supplements and space them differently. I was getting reflux and cough from the acid irritation.

Two factors are making things harder lately. Boiling steam heat of this summer. The heat is like an arizona summer, but the humidity is like a florida swamp. It's crushingly opressive, and in ten minutes you can go from one room where you are dry to another where your clothes are soaked and sticking to you.

and the recent exposure to mothball fumes which are somewhat ongoing. I think I've got another day or two of handling thank before I give it a break for a week or two. Then I will be trying a mask and goggles, and maybe gloves too. The fumes irritate the eyes, lungs and heavy exposure can cause anemia and liver and kidney stress. considering my issues with b12 and folate caused borderline anemia (which I hope I've been reversing with supplements for several months now) too much could set me back if I'm not careful.

the heat/humidity, mothball fumes, and stress of the circumstances have my sleep a bit off and some or all of these may be the cause of the recent round of anxiety. But gladly I'm in a better place to manage these things.

so this update is to say: still have some mystery symptoms, still stuck barely eating, now possibly poisoning myself in doses hopefully small enough to not do any more harm than not feeling great a couple times a week, and finding ways to cope with the emotional side of it all.

Zeppelin Admiral
United States United States

« Reply #201 on: July 06, 2017, 06:25:48 pm »

well, for mixed reasons here we are again.

Mostly my soon to be homeless status and what it means for my dietary and other health complications.

but in the mean time a visit to the doctors and some tests done:

My vitamin D is low again and supplementing it is hard to do without disrupting my digestive functions.
My B12 is also low and the last time I supplemented that I reacted negatively.
my homocystiene is high.
all my joints hurt
my basophils (white blood cells that indicate inflammation, allergies and parasite infections) are elevated
my fasting blood sugar is elevated but still not prediabetic.
my digestive symptoms are back sliding.
I'm sleep deprived
I'm having panic attacks daily now.
and the depression is beginning to settle in.

So I must do what I can.

first the court case tomorrow morning

then get as much to storage as I can before tuesday.

then get the car repaired.

then everything else in storage, before I pull up and get away.

I hope that once I'm out of here and the car is working again, that the two biggest stressors in my life will be gone and I can start managing the rest of my struggles.
Zeppelin Admiral
United States United States

« Reply #202 on: July 14, 2017, 03:01:04 am »

well court seems to have gone about as good as could be hoped in the circumstances that still end up with me getting kicked out of my home of 8 years. I have about a week remaining to get out. I'd like to be gone sooner.

The car has been fixed of this problem. And because the mileage is low enough and the make is sturdy by reputation It should be good for a while.

Now I just have to devote the time to packing everything up, storing, donating and throwing things out. and then cleaning up the place before we do a walkthrough on the 20th before I leave.

healthwise I'm not sure. I think the exposure to the other place may have caused asthma like symptoms. I'm also having reflux and general stomach pains which may be due to stress.

My sleep is still heavily disrupted. Which isn't helping anything else.

I'm hopeful that I can get out of here on or before deadline, and then just take a break for a little while from worrying about anything. Just no responsibilities.
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