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Portrayal Forum Rules and Guidelines [UPDATED JAN 2022]
« on: August 06, 2012, 10:27:04 am »
Firstly I'll address the major change you may have noticed. The two Steam London games and The New World are now stickied. Even though these games are long-since finished or inactive, those three games constitute the largest and longest-running games on this forum by a considerable margin. This board is seldom active and I would like to use the space to help preserve the history of this place. Keeping those games front-and-center I feel helps best remind us of the good times had here.

I am happy to consider other games to sticky as I shift this board more towards preservation.

I feel it is also time to make an active effort to truly archive these games somewhere. The most recent outage has brought into stark relief the notion that this forum will not exist forever. To that end, I will politely remind everyone that the BG Wiki exists and has been used to provide summaries of the events of these stories. It can be found here:

If you wish to preserve game content elsewhere then feel free and give us a heads-up in this thread:,52064.0.html

Portrayal Rules

The standard forum rules must be followed. These can be found here:,21965.0.html

Portrayal Specific Guidelines:
The Portrayal board is specifically for Roleplays in the play-by-post format. There are general rules of Roleplaying we expect all members to follow. They are:
No 'GM-ing' (God-Moding/Game-Mastering). This is where a player makes their character perform a feat they should not be able to do, controls another player's character (directly or indirectly) or forces the plot to move in an unacceptable direction. What defines 'unacceptable' is left to the discretion GM (Game Master) of each game.
No excessively powerful characters. If everyone else in a game is just a guy with a sword, don't make your character a God. Some characters should of course be slightly better than others in certain ways but no character should be excessively better than others in every way.
No 'gamebreaking'. This where a player writes an event or action that 'breaks' or ruins the game in some form. An example of 'gamebreaking' would be a character finding a sword that lets them kill anything with a flick of the wrist. It might be a bit fun for that one player but it does not make for a good story and other players will soon get bored if not openly annoyed.

Each game should consist of a Game Thread and an OOC (Out-Of-Character) thread. Games spanning multiple episodes may have separate game threads per episode but must use a single OOC thread and must ask the board's moderator to merge completed episodes into a single 'master thread' to avoid clutter.

The Portrayal board is more relaxed on rules concerning weapons, violence, swearing, sex, religion and other contentious topics but only if they are a part of a story and, more importantly, used in context. Again this is largely up to the GM's discretion.

It is advisable that a member partakes in at least one other game, if not more, for a decent length of time before starting one of their own. This is not enforceable unless the person attempting to start a new game breaks another rule or is petulant and rude (passively or actively).

Make the games fun. Again this is not enforceable but the point of playing is, generally, for fun. Each player should always be aiming to make a game that is enjoyable as a Roleplay and as a story.

Within each game, the GM has the final say. If you believe the GM is consistently being unfair then bring the issue to the moderator of this board only. Remember that the moderator cannot force people to get along and will most likely provide you with a solution advising you leave the game and suggesting you start a new one in the way you want so if you ask for moderator intervention be prepared to get a response along those lines.

If you have any questions regarding these rules or anything to do with Roleplaying here on Brass Goggles then please message the moderator of the Portrayal board.

If you would like to take part in any of the running games you will need to read through the OOC threads and post in there a request to join. The individual GM's will decide if you can join or not based on each games requirements.
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