Author Topic: Where is my post promoting my blog?  (Read 7165 times)


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Where is my post promoting my blog?
« on: July 18, 2012, 03:38:22 pm »
Rule Regarding self promotion:

TL;DR version: You can promote your blog but you must provide a link back on the main page of you blog back to Brass Goggles.

Using Brass Goggles as a vehicle to drive traffic to your own personal website is not encouraged, but not banned either.  Brass Goggles expects those promoting their own articles to provide a link back to Brass Goggles in the spirit of Cross Promotion.  Brass Goggles also asks that such articles be done as a conversation rather than an advertisement.  Failure to provide link back, or failure to conversationalize instead of commercialize their postings will result in promotions being removed from the forums.  Chronic offenses may lead to a temp or permanent ban.
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