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Author Topic: July 7~ Bellingham WA: All Steamed Up with Abney Park  (Read 1044 times)
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« on: May 02, 2012, 08:10:27 am »

July 7~ Bellingham WA: All Steamed Up with Abney Park

When: July 7th, 8pm
Where: The SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention, in Bellingham, WA
Cost: $20 tickets (children under 10 get in free!)

This is a benefit for the Caleb Kors Scholarship Fund, featuring a performance by Abney Park… and more!

All Steamed Up and Ready to Rock: Save the Date!

There’s no good way to say this. So I’m going to come right out and just do it. Ready? Are you sitting? Maybe you should. Go on, I’ll wait. Yeah? So here’s the deal…
Abney Park is coming to rock Bellingham!

Abney Park

Tickets on sale now.

For those of you not in the know, Abney Park is among the most spectacular Steampunk bands in all of existence. And if you aren’t in the know, then I suggest you get thee hence and learn about one of the rockingest bands out there!

For everyone else and you converts I’m looking at right now, you better save the date and come visit Bellingham, WA, July 7th, 2012, for a concert event you’re not going to want to miss. Featured on CNN, shown over and over on KING5, even shown on MTV, Abney Park is a seriously badass band with some fine gadgets and finer tunes, and they’re coming up to Bellingham for two reasons:

   1. The babes. … Okay, I made that up.
   2. This babe. (This one is true.)

See that girl on stage during their smash favorite, Airship Pirate? Squint, you can just make her out. Rocking good time, lots of energy, all that? Yeah. That’s me. And that was one of the best freaking moments of my life.
The Wrath of Fate is getting Tarnished

That’s right, Abney Park and Karina Cooper are coming together for an unforgettable joint release celebration! Captain Robert himself has authored a book regaling us with the tales of the HMS Ophelia, from her fateful maiden voyage to her final destination… or is it? The Wrath of Fate will sweep you all away.

I’ve written the story of Cherry St. Croix, a well-to-do miss with a madman for a father and an unending thirst for… adventure, shall we say? In Tarnished, out with Avon June 26th, I’ll introduce you to this Society miss whose double-life as a collector will place her in danger time and again. Even those monsters wearing human skin may not be all they claim…
When? Where? What? Easy!

When: July 7th, 8pm
Where: The SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention, in Bellingham, WA
What: $20 tickets (children under 10 get in free!)

Why? Many of you saw the news about Caleb “Flip” Kors. He was one of ours. When we first met him, we told him that we’d take him to the next all-ages Abney Park concert that came along. Tragically, we lost him before that could happen. Now, because the timing is right and we’ve a promise to keep, we’ll be bringing Abney Park to his stomping ground. Seems fitting. Flip was a kid who really brought the world together.
But, wait! There’s more!

Captain Robert and I will be doing a joint signing event after the concert! We’ll each have copies of our books handy to buy just for you. (Anyone coming with copies of their own to be signed must be verified and stamped at the door.)

There’ll be a purchasing station, vendors, an awesome opening band (to be announced, but trust me, it’ll be great!), a ridiculously cool display of light and tesla coils during intermission, a full bar (21+ section will be set aside), and best of all?

It’s an all ages show!

So dress up your pirate-in-training, stick the wheels on your steam-powered walker, and let’s all convene for a fun and electrifying book release and rockin’ concert.

Tickets are on sale now! There’s a limited amount, so you’ll want in right now. There’ll be an even more limited supply at the door.

Follow me on Twitter or check out my Facebook, or you can be shy and reserved and just haunt this blog or my Tumblr. I’ll announce more as it happens.
Want more? Of course you do!

Maybe it’s not worth driving up just for one thing (egads! what heathen discourse is this?!). Maybe you need someone to sweeten the pot, as it were… Yeah. Yeah, I thought so. How’s this, then?

Steampunk Festival, July 7th

In memoriam for our dear Flip, we are launching the first annual Steampunk festival in the historic district of Fairhaven. Beginning July 7th, at 1pm, you can come on by to sample all the finest Bellingham’s Steampunk community has to offer—vendors, both local and visiting from lands afar, music, buskers, and the antics of our local circus guild.

All proceeds from the passports we’re offering and the chowder (“World’s finest!” declares the crew of the FCS Avonlea, who would know) will go to the Caleb Kors Scholarship Fund. It’s a family-friendly, sunshiny (hopefully), gilded- and brass-worked event featuring the likes of the travelers from time and place far and near!

I’ll be doing a reading of Tarnished at Village Books at 2pm (and if you want to come make fun of my fake English accent, you should totally come! I’ll be reading a PG section, but I promise to hint at the naughty bits by copious eyebrow waggling…), we’ll have performer, and a fabulous Steampunk prize to a lucky winner who gets all the passport stamps from the shops in the district!
Make a day of it.

Come for the festival… stay for the book signing and concert. Time-travel, if you have to. What could possibly go wrong?”
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