Author Topic: Got videos of you in all your steampunk glory?  (Read 878 times)


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Got videos of you in all your steampunk glory?
« on: January 28, 2012, 05:29:40 pm »

I've just had the pleasure of finding this forum! Brief intro: I recently moved to NYC from Montréal (before then Hawaii... originally from San Francisco.) I am a writer and performer. I've written a feature film that takes place in Buffalo, NY in the 1890's. There will definitely be a steampunk flavor to this and my band, Niu, will be featured in the soundtrack (electronic.)

I've almost got what I need to create an effective promotional/pre-funding trailer but I could really use more period-looking footage! These days, technology is so badass that I don't care about the quality so much - especially since I'm inevitably using a 16mm effect... If you have any footage of old buildings or you in costume - not too modern but definitely with a steampunk flare - I would be so happy! I especially need men - perhaps a passionate kissing scene or subtle flirtation scene (between a man and brunette), a woman casting a spell with lots of candles (although this sort of this wasn't so popular at the time...), a teenager (particularly modern steampunk here) walking in a field with wind blowing through her hair... a guy holding an electric vibrator/thrusting device (don't worry - not porn at all! a bit sexual though...), an older fuller figured woman -  stuff like that - even footage of you in costume by Niagara Falls! I'm being very specific and why not, right... I know you guys are out there!

This would be capitol!! I'll definitely give you a copy of the trailer and if you are an actor or would like to be a part of this however possible - I will definitely be interested and we can keep this thread going!

This promotional/pre-funding trailer will be used in order to obtain grants, find producers (I've got some leads), and even stick up on kickstarter. I will credit your name, if you'd like, where appropriate. And down the line, based on principle - I'd be happy to kick you some cash if this thing makes it!

For specific requests and questions requiring detail of the script, feel free to e-mail me: or just respond to this thread.

Best Regards to you all!