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The Nightmare Machine, November 5th, DFW, Texas
« on: October 09, 2011, 05:28:18 pm »
In the old world of steam, there was once a curious child, a boy plagued with horrific nightmares, his first moment lost in the dreaming darkness being on a starless night amidst the chaos of a dreadfully violent storm. Each evening the boy’s dreams were splattered with pure terror and torment, and within every dream, at the horrible end, the boy would be startled awake at the very moment that he was gruesomely killed. However, the wicked curse of these nightmares was not the horrors that he faced and endured within, but in that upon awakening he could never remember in what ghastly manner it was that he had died. The boy believed this to be an omen, and he became utterly obsessed with unveiling the mystery behind his nightmarish death. His belief was that the dreadful end to his dark dreams was to be his miserable fate in life....

So it was that the boy grew, and with him, his nightmares, stirring him awake in the dead of night, stealing his precious sleep, causing him during the daylight hours to appear more like the walking dead. The boy became a young man, and his obsession with his death consumed him and coaxed him to the edge, toward the very brink of lunacy. He became a remarkable inventor, his ingenious contraptions all created in the zealous pursuit of documenting his dreams to film, recording the death that had forever haunted him so that he might finally know, and in turn, avoid the grim fate that he believed awaited him. His paranoia grew, shadows reached eerily for him as he walked the cobblestone streets, dark figures moved within the gloom. Were they after his inventions, his secrets, or were they after his soul? Spiraling down, a descent into madness, there was finally a breakthrough, a device he had long been designing showed promising results on animals, but to test it on himself might have damaging effects, fatal effects, YET “they” were lurking, and closing in. They know of his laboratory, they know where he sleeps. He will have to leave, to hide; a train ride through the countryside, he must work on the move and in secret. Night falls. How is it possible?! They’ve found him, they are on the train! He has nowhere to run, or to turn. He must lock the door, he must drug himself to sleep, and this night, he must use "The Nightmare Machine."

Update 10-27-11

My friends,
Plans have changed and we need to let you know what is going on.  The Nightmare machine will not be happening on November 5th.  The closer we became to finalizing plans, the smaller and smaller the venue appeared.  We were having to pare it down to make room for all we had planned.  That simply put, was inconceivable.  As a community we are going to stop settling for almost good enough, and these events are to be spectacular, in thought, design, and concept.  Our community deserves nothing less.  We know what we want to have happen, and we just are not going to do right now, we're going to do right.  As disappointing as the thought is that we're not having the event as soon as we wanted, we are having the event.  We're still nailing down the details, but will announce it as soon as we locked in the locations.  This is going to be so much more than we could have shown you before.  Please bear with us in this short intermission, as I promise you it will be worth the wait.

We're not going to take over a venue, we're going to take over a city....

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