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Author Topic: Character Development Game  (Read 19568 times)
Deck Hand
United States United States

Ned Kelly. A real life steampunk shock troop.

« Reply #325 on: April 05, 2012, 07:44:28 pm »

...I like Cake.

Mechanical Gatling gun, Repeater rifle, Sharps rifle, or Coach gun. What do you carry into battle?

Make this our last stand! We will be offered no escape, no surrender, death is now the only way out! Spend every bullet, dull your blades, break your guns, and crush your hands! Make them pay hundredfold of their own men for each of our lives!
Prof. Michael Masters
Snr. Officer
Canada Canada

Aether Academy Labs: Mad Science For the Masses

« Reply #326 on: April 08, 2012, 11:41:09 pm »

Ordinarily I would try and avoid a situation that required such methods, but i will say that I have always had a bit of a soft spot for the Sharps Rifle.

In today's economy what do you think would be a fair wage for a lab assistant? Duties would include filing lab notes, cleaning around the lab, assisting in experiments, and possibly taste testing some form of size reducing soda beverage.

From the Desk of:

Professor Michael Masters
Aether Academy Headmaster
Deck Hand
United Kingdom United Kingdom

« Reply #327 on: April 13, 2012, 02:18:31 pm »

Hmmm...I can do the week's groceries on twenty shillings a week, twenty-five if we're having friends to dine? £35 per annum? Less if she's very young. If she has much experience on the job £60 would be fairer, but then I suppose she'd be looking to set up a mad laboratory of her own by then, wouldn't she? Also, you'd have to factor in the possibility of monetary compensation, in the event of overt shrinkage due excess consumption of the aforesaid soda beverage.
But I'm not really the best person to ask on wages, since I can't even get into university to advance my own prospects, (alas, no scholarships for male students yet) so I don't expect to see much over 1s 8d a day for part-time tutoring work myself!

Now, please excuse me being so personal here, but I did work on an airship with shaky running water supplies for several years, and I ask out of sheer curiosity incase I'm ever stuck on an omnibus next to you...*ahem* what's your personal hygiene like?

Snr. Officer
Wales Wales

« Reply #328 on: April 16, 2012, 08:30:21 am »

Ha, I can answer this one the same way both IRL and Character. 7
My sense of smell is quite acute to the point that I don't use spray on deoderants,I find the smell of them too artifical and cloying  I bathe and shower regualrly sometimes twice a day and use a parbens free natural soap on my bits and pits.
The soap I use is custom made (easier and cheaper than it sounds) with a plain base and a couple of drops of essential oil added,  I shave using a double edged safety razor and either make my own shaving soap or use a brand called Taylors. I very rarley use aftershaves.
My personal hygene routing is quite old fashioned but its better for my skin and saves me money.

Telsecope, Monocular, Long focus Goggles, Eyepeice built into a walking stick....Whats your method of seeing things a long way away?

Dr. Madd
Zeppelin Captain
United States United States

Maker of Monsters

« Reply #329 on: January 27, 2015, 08:41:21 am »

Madd uses a eyepiece in his walking stick.

I didn't see it listed, but ..Beverage of choice? Madd prefers Rooibos tea in the winter and sarsparilla in the summer.

What do we want? Decapitations!
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