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Posting Links, Images, and Media (Videos, etc.)
« on: March 30, 2011, 10:21:24 pm »
To posts links and images, please check out the BBCode reference.  Also note if you simply paste a URL, it will be made click-able; however, it is good practice to create link text (as in the link to the BBCode reference above) rather than posting "naked" URLs.

Images cannot be uploaded to Brass Goggles. Instead, use an image-hosting site (we recommend the wonderful imgur) to host it, copy the "Direct Link" to that image, and insert it using the img tag. It is forum convention to use the spoiler tag for large images or posts with many images.

Code: [Select]
Results in:

A note about media: This forum uses Aeva to manage media. This means that if you post a link to a video or audio element from a well-known site (like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), the link will automatically turn into an embedded media player.

In other words, when you post a link to a YouTube video or similar, the video will automatically be embedded in your post.

However, if the link is part of a sentence, rather than a paragraph of its own, the video will not be embedded.  If a video is embedding, and you don't want it to, you can use the 'noembed' BBCode tag.  Examples follow:

Including a video link in a sentence:

Code: [Select]
You should really check out [url=]this video[/url]
You should really check out this video

Using 'noembed' to prevent embedding:

Code: [Select]
[ noembed][url][/url][ /noembed]

NOTE: when using noembed, DO NOT use the space between [ and noembed or /noembed. The example contains that only because Avea hides the noembed tags otherwise.

Normal behavior:

Code: [Select]
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