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Author Topic: How to make a Steampunkified Airsoft Rifle! (pic heavy)  (Read 6417 times)
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« on: July 22, 2010, 06:46:15 am »

Steampunk Shotgun Tutorial

First off, I spent no money on this, other than the gun. This is just junk i had laying around. here is a complete list of materials i used for the gun, not in any particular order.

hot glue gun with 2 sticks of glue
an old toy musket pistol
a screwdriver to take the pistol apart
scrap leather
a leather guantlet i made outo f scrap leather
leather string
a small leather dog collar
an amp knob from an old training amp
a plastic, piece of crap psi meter from a $8 bike pump
a metal heraldry thingy I found on an antique box
an old, busted car headlight
a "goth" leather bracelet thingy
cut metal coke can, this isnt necisarry, i just used it to cover some hot glue mistakes.
3 little metal knob thingies, dunno what they were...
red acrylic paint
paper towels
light brown acrylic paint
darker brown acrylic paint
gunbolt metal warhammer paint
dragon gold warhammer paint
green india ink
paintbrushes, small to large ones.
i did use a rubber tube, but it kept falling off so i just took it off.

alright, lets get started...first things first...plug in the hot glue gun. you may want to wear gloves, i burned the crap outta myself several times.

now, take apart the toy gun and glue on the little pieces wherever you like. although this is a tutorial i'd like to stress that this is about creativity and individuality, im not going to explain exactly where i placed everything, if you want a gun exactly like mine, you are not very creative. just put all the little useless bits and knobs wherever you want on the gun.

after you place the bits of the gun on yours, cut the flared barrel off and stick it on your gun. this will look like shit, and it may even split the flared part, that's what happened to mine, be sure to take off the orange cap on both guns if there is one. anyway, you will want to lather the tip of the airsoft gun in hot glue and slide the flared tip on (after you've tested to see if it will even fit without being cut)

this will make it look even shittier. how to fix it you ask? hot glue some feathers onto it and wrap it with leather! gives it a rough, outback kinda look. if you dont want to do that, wrap it with some steamy bits that makes it look not so hot-gluey. you'll know what im talking about when you see it.

after this i was actually in my garage looking for the used headlight when i found the psi meter on a bycicle pump and just ripped it off. i didnt use the pump anyway. you dont have to use a headlight, but they look better than just little test tubes to me. i put the psi meter facing me and the headlight attatched to the top of the gun. this isn't complicated, you just need quite a bit of hot glue.

i attatched leather to the gun before i painted the gun, just to see what it would look like...i'd advise doing this because you'll get to know your gun better, and know exactly what you want before you start painting.

i used the little dog collar to hold my shotgun shells. kinda looks cool and i didnt even intend to use it for that at first. don't forget to distress the leather before you put it on, you want to look like you've fought some battles! burn it, cut it with a steakknife, sand it, spit on it, throw it in dirt, let your dog chew on it, whatever you want lol. btw, if you wanted to add blood drops or anything to it, use india ink red and brown, mix mostly brown with some red because you want it to look like dried blood, not fresh.

now comes painting the gun. this is to make a wood effect, if you dont want wood on your gun skip this.

i wanted cherry-wood looking gun, but you dont have to do the first step if you dont want a reddish tint. i used fire engine red acrylic paint. FIRST; sand the area you are going to paint and then wipe off all the debris off. then, get a little paintbrush and just stroke on some drybrush-esque strokes like in the pic. a good way to make it look like real wood is to gob on paint in random areas then rub it in with your finger, moving side to side, not up and down, until it is darker in the middle and brighter around the side, like in the picture. this may look like crap, but it'll look good later.

next use a light brown, gob it onto a paper towel or sponge or something and just buff it on, going in back and forth motions (replicating real wood) and after the entire butt (and anything else you want wood) is light brown with darker lines, you dont want it to be solid brown, you want it to show black and red through. while the paint is still wet rub your finger on it in a few spots to make it look more realistic. by this point it will look like weathered drift-wood or something that is about to fall apart. you can keep it like this if you like, but i wanted a more professional look so i did the exact same method with darker brown next.

your wood effect may look finished, but it isnt, the paint will just rub off if you leave it like this. (p.s. be sure to wipe off paint that got anywhere outside of the butt or anywhere that's supposed to be wood, you dont want paint marks on the handle or something if it isnt supposed to be there.)

now, take a larger paintbrush and coat everything "metal" in gunbolt metal warhammer paint. i suggest warhammer paint because it is meant to be painted onto plastic, and therefore will look much better. you want the gun to be solid this time, solidly painted i mean. you dont have to do silver. to really make it look steampunky you can use copper or gold, but i prefer silver with hints of gold. now use your little brush and paint some areas of the gun gold. i, for instance, painted the headlight, the hammer and anvil, trigger, bits, psi meter, and some other parts gold. after that, let it dry, and then use your sandpaper (i used a light grade sand-sponge thingy, you dont want it to be too rought or itll just strip the paint right off.) and sand down the whole gun, especially edges to give it a weathered look that will also make the gun look more realistic. it's kinda hard to explain, but if you just slowly sand a few parts of the gun, set it down and look at it from a distance compared to parts that arent sanded and you'll see what i mean.

now just get some green ink, dip your little brush in it and lightly brush it on the headlight, making sure it doesnt drip onto anything other than the light. if it does, quickly wipe it off with a paper towel (all of it, you can repaint the ink easily) and start over. i advise against tubes, especially for airsoft...they fall off if you set your gun down on it and rips the hotglue off. (while im on the subject of hotglue, it will look like you welded it on if you paint it metal, which i like.)

now to put the final touches on the gun. get some wood finish (or just clear varnish) and paint it on carefully, this stuff is messy as hell. DO NOT USE SPRAY, use the brush stuff, it is better, always. i say this because you can replicate real wood by usuing brush strokes, spray cant do that, and pretty much never holds up long. i used red mahauguny or however you spell it. i wanted a cherry-wood look to it, so that was the only stuff i had. after that dries, (i just waited till it wack tacky, but im impatient) coat it with clear varnish. AGAIN, DO NOT USE SPRAY. coat the entire gun (except fact, you shouldn't have leather on your gun at this point...if you do, how the hell did you paint it with leather on??) i had some cabot semi-gloss spar varnish laying around. it looks all brown and shit inside, but i think it's just yellowing varnish, which is ok for steampunk guns. infact, it didnt yellow my.

i used my guitar strap as the gun strap, it's white with all the playing card symbols, heart, diamond, spade, club, i also painted 3 stripes, red white and blue, on the side with the psi meter. i've decided my gun is named "the gambler" lol. look for cool straps, guitar straps would be the best idea, but be warned, you have to mod it a bit to work as a gun sling.

and now your done. hope this helped, and if not...well you can message me and i'll try to help you. have fun shooting people with your new, steampunkified gun! long live steam!

And now, ladies and gentlemen...I give you..."THE GAMBLER!" Top knotch perforation device. Put not one, not two, but three large holes in your enemies at once with "The Gambler!", and by Jove they don't call it the gambler for nothing! The three shots it fires sometimes miss! Sometimes not even one bullet will hit it's target! But if you manage to get all three, shout "Hurray huzzah!" for you have won the jackpot! And your adversary should be dead... *If opponent is not dead, please reload and try again.*

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