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Author Topic: Steam Crossbow 101  (Read 17080 times)
The Emblasochist
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« Reply #50 on: February 09, 2009, 04:33:28 am »

That was the whole idea of the weapon.  I really did just completely fail to mention that.
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« Reply #51 on: April 16, 2009, 07:30:14 pm »

I didn't read all the posts so I'm not sure if this was mentionned before but...

If you want to make a crossbow, then the propelin power will be given by the bow.
If you want to make a repeating crossbow, that could shoot 5 to 10 darts one after the other without having to reload, your real problem will actualy be reloading, not shooting.

I know this is a banned subject, but I need to very lightly mention it, to make my words more understandable.

since the first semi automatic fire arm, that did not have to be manualy reloaded between each shot, the gas created during the shot was (and still is) used to load the second shot.

what I'm saying is you can (and should) use steam (or CO2 or whatever gas you think fit) to reload the weapon, since the bow will be shooting the projectiles.

you will have to design the weapon so that when you press the trigger, it releases the dart (that's the easy part) but it also reloads the weapon, puts everything in place and only shoots the second dart when the crossbow is ready for shooting AND the dart has fallen into place. it will also have to close the pressure chamber between each shot, so the pressure can go up again, to reload the next shot.

I'm not sure if I was very clear, so if you don't understand, ask a few questions Wink
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