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Meta-Clubs forum rules (Updated 05/16/10)
« on: January 08, 2009, 12:33:42 am »
Hi Folks,

This is the child board for clubs of people who do not meet in person.  Sometimes silly, sometimes serious, this is a bit of an experiment.  Should these clubs prove to be more role play than anything, then these may all get moved to portrayal.

for now, enjoy!

shaunathan sprocket

Well I've let the experiment run nearly unchecked for about 10 months now.  And I have some requests:

1. I've seen a great deal of role play rather than club activity.  starting next Tuesday (10/13) I'll begin to move roleplay threads to portrayal where they would belong.  This will be determined by the bulk of the posts.

2. If your thread is inactive for 6 months it will be locked.  To get it unlocked the original organizer needs to PM me and it will be unlocked.  If that person is no longer around I should be linked a thread where the originator of the club passed power to someone else and they will be able to give permission for it to be unlocked.

3. If your thread remains locked for a year, it will be deleted.   This is for sometimes silly, sometimes serious meta-clubs,  if you've got a real club going and it's serious enough to save for posterity, please archive your own information to your satisfaction.

As always our base rules apply here:
Brass Goggles has always and shall continue to portray the "lighter side of steampunk"  as coined by our retired founder Tinkergirl.  To that end we have a few general rules which apply to all sections of the forum:

1.  Please keep all posts within a Safe For Work (SFW) Policy. This means is that some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Posts may contain, some strong language and innuendo, humor, mature themes, historical and fantasy firearms of the "Victorian Era", and some historical-political themes within the context of our 19th century speculative fiction genre.  If your post contains partial (upper body) nudity or other visual elements which may not be approved for viewing within an office setting the post must be flagged Not Safe For Work (NSFW). This nudity clause is written in specifically for historical photographs and Steampunk art.  

2.  You are expected to maintain decorum and behavior appropriate for adult cultural discussion.  This means that things which have been dubbed by the internet community as "trolling" are not allowed.  Other behavior such as Ad Hominem arguments (attacking someone's argument based on the character or physical trait of the subject) and assuming one or many persona with the intention to deceive (what we've dubbed a 'sock puppet') are expressly prohibited.  Bad or disruptive behavior not listed here may also be identified by the Brass Goggles staff and dealt with accordingly.  

These rules are interpreted by our moderation staff and rule-breakers will be dealt with as the moderator sees fit.  Punishments like a private reprimand, temporary ban, or a full ban are handed out based on the scope of the violation and at the discretion of the moderator.

Purposefully seeking gray area between rules and their wording and/or experimenting by seeing how far you can stretch a rule are seen as rule violations in themselves and may be acted upon as a rule violation.  If you are ever in doubt about your particular post, please send it in a PM to the moderator for the section you are using for a ruling before you make it public!

That's it for now, back to the meta-clubbing!
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Re: Meta-Clubs forum rules
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2009, 03:36:07 am »
you know its funny. I was thinking of making a similar master thread as soon as I got my own group off the ground. mind you my group would be a slightly more serious and based further in the realm of tactiles rather then metaphysics. the group will based on steamy tinkering and inventing while making tutorial videos of it all. still this thread has saved me the effort of trying to see what other are doing :)

thanks and cheers,
Andrew Edwards
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Re: Meta-Clubs forum rules (Updated 05/16/10)
« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2010, 07:46:44 pm »
Ok Gogglers, we've run 6 more months since I last evaluated this experimental branch of the forum.

Since then the following things have happened:

1. The forum is amazingly popular. As such we've had to quell "chat style" posting.
2. Our method of quelling the chat style posting has been labeled by more than a few private posters as "inconsistant" and having a "double standard".  In actuality we've been having to deal with flame wars while we continue the moderator debate on how to handle this.
3. One of our more prolific writers had a now public argument with another poster over a private matter.  This caused a rather popular meta club to be locked. 
4. When we began the experiment it was due to rampant role playing which the people doing so felt as though they had grown beyond portrayal. 
5. It seems now people think that this is the "chat room" for brass goggles.  It is not.
6. Having completely morphed into something it is not, I've determined that the experiment needs either adjustment or cancellation.

Please see the post entitled "meta club feedback" to comment on the future of this section.