Author Topic: Food! Food! Food! The Good, Bad, Ugly, and Tasty steampunk treats and drinks  (Read 138040 times)


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The repetition of a theme interesting.  Even more so where it is not pertinent to the topic.


Well, it make sense, doesn't it?  Food is vital, necessary, and binds the world with a common cry:  "Let's Eat!"

I posted these links in a previous thread, but thought it would do well with a thread of its own; tie together all sorts of food-and-drink topics; make reference to the old ones; give some a chance to revel publicly about their favourite snack, disastrous recipes, and culinary excesses.  What do you like to eat?  How do you prepare it?  What oil do you use on your grill?  What's the best herb for...?  Here are the collected "food" links from days of old:

Steampunk Food, General and referenced

Tea...a beverage that puts the "steam" in Steampunk.
In answer to a food question...Full steam ahead.
Steampunk Pantry: whats in yours?
The Steampunk Recipe Book *Page One Updated!!*
steampunk confectionary? what could they be?
Steampunk Confectionery "Sweets!"
Steamy sweets
SteamPunk Candy
Non-gimmicky steampunk food?
Tinkerer food
Steampunk Diet...?
Steampunk Cuisine?
What mad scientists eat for breakfast 
  • Steampunk Intoxicants
Steampunk intoxicant beverages
The well stocked steampunk bar
A steampunk Thanksgiving
  • Steampunk Coffee
Steampunk COFFEE (coffee-coffee-coffee!!!)
  • Steampunk, Named Foods
Steampunk Egg Cookery
Shortbread is it steampunk?
Steampunk Pickles?

General Food:
Those Who Celebrate Air Kraken Day
What's your odd food combination?
Absinthe Lollipops!
Summer food
Spicy Food!
Ich Habe Mich Eine Kuchen Gebacht!!!!
24 Hour Ration Kit?
  • General, By Name
Pie. Or Cheese.
  • General Drink, Tea:
The Resurrected Tea-Time Thread
Favorite/Favourite Teas
How do you like your tea?
Tea drinking habits
Tea preferances!
Favored Tea Blends
  • General Drink, Coffee:
Slaves of the Bean
Caffiene, perchance
  • General Drink, Alcoholic:
The intoxication thread
Awesome Sauce
Cocktail Recipes
Awesome Sauce: Another trip down retro forgery lane
What's your poison?
Pimm's Cup
Absinthe, the Green Fairy <--Thanks Miss_Eriko
Buying Absinthe online!?
Absinthe Minded....FINALLY!
Getting Drunk: Overrated?
The Beer Thread
BAILEY'S. / Irish cream.

  • General Drink, Misc:
Today Comrades, I make Borscht!

  • root beer? ginger ale? ...anyone out there...?

BBC TV personality - Heston Blumenthal - Mad scientist chef does Victorian Food
Exploring personal identity in food names: Names for foods have personal meaning
Albrecht plays with his food language: Insane cooking guidelines
You may not want to eat afterward: head in a jar... help needed
You are here! Food! Food! Food! The Good, Bad, Ugly, and Tasty steampunk treats and drinks

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...pull my finger

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's quite late and I'm a bit peckish.  Think I'll have a snack and go to bed.  G'night.
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You know, this was a damn' good idea. In fact, I think it should be stickied.
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I'm going to come back here and read through all those when I cant decide what to eat :)
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Teased out a couple more threads hidden away and rearranged ever so slightly to accommodate a newly emergent sub-grouping.

Who knows, maybe it'll be useful enough to be pinned.  I will endeavor to keep it updated as new food topics fly over my head.

If you'll excuse me, it's getting on to a late morning snack...maybe some nice Ma'Mounia with almonds and raisins...  Oh yes.

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Good resource. I'll have to try some of those as soon as my stove and oven are repaired.
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Aha! Two of my threads are in there!


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At last, someone posts about Borscht!  The greatest drink ever!  Good night!


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I started something like this at spaire goggles
I hope people will keep posting here. :)

foods I love are sweets,peanutbutter,salsa,toast,scones,and Tea, tea,TeA!! 

a website with alot of recipes is


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Updated with three new food-related threads.


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Brilliant collection ;D

I second the motion to have this thread stickied..

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Such a nice collection should be stickied. I third the motion!
I intend to return and peruse that list thoroughly.

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yay for food. i fourth the notion
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I fifth that notion!
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Somewhat the kitchen mad scientist, I have created a living organism in a jar using only water and flour...

My wife refers to it as my girlfriend.

Utilizing very ancient techniques, I combined organic flour and water in specific proportions, captured wild yeast inside of the mix, and created a life: my wild yeast sourdough starter. I use parts of it to make bread.
I have to feed and water it regularly, or it will die. Sometimes you can see it breathing.

If anyone's interested, I have a baking site, as well. I'm planning on putting up a how-to about my starter in a few days.
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Mmmmmm. I love sourdough.

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Great Idea to get this all lovely food in one place -

I fancy doing the cook along with the british chef Gordon Ramsey on the next series - anyone try doing this with a web cam and manage to keep up?
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Absinthe Lollipops?


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Many thanks for taking the time to assemble this list.
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     Ok, the topic is stickied!



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  • Trust me, good idea.
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I admit I have not read ALL the threads so it may have been mentioned already but if not, I can recommend a cook book that contains authentic dishes from the early 19th century but someone has done all the hard work of tracing obscure ingredients and sourcing 21st C replacements where necessary. The book is "Lobscouse and Spotted Dog" by Anne Chotzinoff Grossman and Lisa Grossman Thomas and is a book that describes food as mentioned in the Aubrey/ Maturin novels of Patrick O'Brian. We regularly eat Lobscouse and have tried some of the other recipes and not been disappointed yet. However, not tried Millers yet!
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Just a heads up for those with British telly-goggles - oops Mr Time Tinker is on to the cookery programme already

so here is a photo of myself putting finishing touches on some cakes instead, I made a few of the less fancy ones. Sorry not very steampunk - But its cake ;D

a slightly fatter, but happy,


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